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Names: Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner
Ages: 35, 31
Occupations: Running coach, Wall Street financialist
Hometown: New York City
Relationship: Dating

Terence and Sarah have been dating for almost a year, but they couldn't be more different.

Sarah has an MBA from Wharton and is often the only woman in meetings during her long days working on Wall Street, while Terence sells real estate to pay the bills and satisfies his true passion by coaching runners.

Sarah claims that the biggest difference between the two is that she is lower maintenance and Terence is more emotional. However, she believes they share a competitive spirit and they’re smart, energetic, adventurous as well as fearless.

Terence describes himself as witty, sensitive and driven. One of his proudest accomplishments is finishing the last two New York City Marathons in under three hours.

This Team is determined to prove to themselves whether they belong together while on the Race. They hope that being well-traveled, physically fit, and highly competitive will help them win the $1 million. They think their biggest weakness could be the tendency to become too intense, fighting amongst themselves, or their dietary restrictions. Regardless of whether they win or not, this adventure will definitely be a journey that could make or break

Kiwi Jay:
they look cute

Dietary restrictions? ???

TARAsia Fan:
BVM will fix that with a massive eating challenge.

I'd say they have an advantage in a foot race to the mat!!
Guessing vegetarian or vegan for dietary restrictions.


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