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They look like they will be a fun team  :hearts: ala Rupert  :jumpy:

TARAsia Fan:
I think they will be delightful.


Married Beekeepers has to be the best TAR nickname ever!! :hearts:

EUGENE, Ore. -- From Eugene across 30,000 miles and five continents and back to Eugene. 

In 23 days.

That's the amazing adventure of one local couple who competed on the upcoming season of CBS reality show "The Amazing Race."

Anita and Arthur Jones are backyard beekeepers. 

"That's unopened honey," Arthur says as he cracks open a bee box. 

It's a hobby that's landed them a sweet reward, taking life in Eugene to Hollywood on the 13th season of "The Amazing Race."

So how did these two find fame on a reality show? 

The avid "Amazing Race" fans say it started with a video tape. 

"The production assistant called and said 'We can't get your video off our minds.  We just keep talking about it, but we really don't think you can do it,' " explains Arthur.

So why not? 

"Well, because most folks on the show are like 22 years old, and we're kind of older," laughs Anita. 

So to prove themselves, the active duo made another video tape skiing in a downpour. 
Their lifestyle didn't hurt, either. 

"I don't know if they wanted the hippie thing," Anita says. "I mean this is just our lifestyle.  This is who we are, and they saw our video and they're kind of going OK."

The couple can't say much about the show since it hasn't aired yet.

They did say their experience was truly amazing. 

"It's like you're in a twilight zone," Anita says. "You're just floating through as fast as you can, it's just so amazing."

Plus Arthur says the experience taught them lessons about the world. 

"I think a lesson is that it's not that dangerous out there," he says. "People sort of have this, well, you can't go into these countries. Certainly there are war areas, but by and large people are helpful.  You stop people on the street and ask for directions, people are more than willing to help."

Also, they say it was interesting to mingle with such a diverse group of competitors. 

"You are under so much pressure and adrenaline that sometimes you say stuff you didn't mean," Arthur says, "but it's just because you're focused. Eventually, you have to come out of it with some forgiveness and understanding that we're all human and make mistakes."

So were they changed by their journey? 

"we're still the same beekeepers," Anita says. "We love giving our honey away, sharing and passing stuff on.  We just are who we are; I mean that world is a whole different world."

And they add the biggest lesson learned is just to try. 

"We learned that you should just go for it, whatever it is, just go for it," says Arthur.

If you want to root on the Eugene couple check out "The Amazing Race" on CBS.

The season premiers Sunday, Sept. 28, at 8 p.m.

Aww they need some love :<3, I really think they will be fun to watch



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