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Amy's Nomination


I wonder how Amy is going to take Marcelles (sp?) nomination? I don't think very well. It will be interesting to see tonight how it all goes down between the two of them. Basicly, however, I think that Roddy will be evicted, if the houseguests get smart. Every week they had to power to rid him from the house, but every week, Danni changed her mind.

I do think that Danni is the power of the house, but I do not think she will win. When the players get out and watch the tapes of the show, they will know how nasty of a player she is. Jason is out, also, being alligned with Danni. I really think that Lisa will win this whole thing. Just my thoughts.

I felt really bad for Amy last night after Roddy (which I am convinced is the devil now) talked to her outside at the end of the show. For some unknown reason, I do like Amy. I don't know what it is about her, but I think she is a very fun person to be around, but is still very, very, very pampered.

Roddy really had no reason to tell Amy what he did. He was the one in the wrong by not giving his word that he could save her if she took him off the block. I am just very angry that he is still in the house. Untill tonite that is...


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