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--- Quote from: puddin on August 11, 2008, 02:10:24 PM ---I get a chubber just thinking about it ! well if I had something to chub that is ;)

--- End quote ---

So does Craig!! lol....j/k I love Craig, and if he isn't the mole, i want him to long as mark is nothing, and gets nothing, I will be happy :D

Well it very well maybe Craig, the way he always just so happens to trip over certain things, clues, places etc but I will stick with Nicole, its not like I'm losing a bet or something .  :sucks

I think Nicole too... plus I love puddin and I am sticking with her

woo hoo here we go!!!

 hello everyone!

Hope you have your Pisco Sour :martini: or glass of red whine wine :wine: in hand because we are off!

Join us for the Mole Party!


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