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I'm pretty excited to see who it is, but more excited to see the clues revealed  :jumpy:

Heres a stretch but when the announcer on the video says the hunt is over. It looks as thought if thats  a clip of Nicole running through the obstacle course.


This looks more like a reaction shot for the announcement of the winner to me.  Usually they cheer and clap once they see who has won.  The reveal of the mole is generally more of a bit lighter applause or cheers, a few fists being shaken in jest, some grumblings of "you so and so" or "I owe you one", and then followed by the congratulations for doing such a good job.

The reaction from Alex is really making me rethink my winner pick.  I have Craig as the mole, Mark winning and Nicole going home empty handed but that may not be the case.  Craig as the mole is still a safe bet but I don't think Alex would be this happy for a Mark win.  lol  I despise Nicole with a passion but it seems she may be getting the money.

In this weeks tv guide mole episode desription it reads "tonight's winner would be smart to watch HIS back after messing with all if HIS teamates. This would elimate Nicole as the winner.

I wouldn't read too much into what tvguide has to say ......


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