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finale poll so whos the mole ?

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I'm not really sure how people can see this any other way.   (well, there is an explaination but I won't get into it   :funny:)

Mole:  Craig
Winner:  Mark
Runner-up:  Nicole

Prediction #1
The Mole- Nicole
The Winner-Mark
The Runner up- Craig

The Mole- Craig
The Winner- Mark
The Runner-up- Nicole

If Mark is the Mole i will be shocked.

another version , I'll die if its ""Cranberry Sauce"  :funny:

Based on the latest from the ABC website's text clue; G BOY N which is a kiss of death for Nicole tonight, and the clues I have reexamined I have to revise my vote and call it  as I see it:

Loser: Nicole

Mole:  Craig

Winner: Mark

Sorry, Puddin, I don't see it any other way.  So are you going to kick me out of bed? :meow:

I haven't been interested in the Mole's ID as much as tracking the show, but since it's down to the wire I thought I'd throw in my two cents.

* Craig The traditional and popular choice, with a UTR style.
* Nicole If she's the Mole, she made some interesting choices: "diva" behavior diverted attention away from her as a real Mole (instead of the Mole wannabe she pretended)
* Mark If Mark is the Mole, I'll be surprised and impressed. The "type A" competitiveness was a good disguise.As for clues, only one made an impression on me during the season. When Craig sat down to breakfast in Mendoza (at a place I was never able to find  (:;) ), he made it a point to mention "exemption" early in the conversation (he even pronounced it with emphasis). But Jon hadn't asked about it:
Jon: A little more manageable over here. Maybe...climate change, altitude change...Craig, are you noticing a difference yet? (Craig coughs) I guess not...
Craig: I'm starting to feel like health problems might be uh...maybe exemption-worthy.


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