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TARA3: Pailin & Natalie (Thailand)

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Well Natalie is well gorgeous, yet to know if they can be like the BQs, lets hope anyway.

Here's an article about her in my local newspaper, ignore the advert at the side thanks.

TARAsiaFan and jonnal, thanks for the really interesting stories on Natalie Glebova. However, she is about as qualified to represent Thailand as Andy and Laura were in ARA1. One more of Michael McKay's giving us a true "Asian" cast in the Amazing Race Asia.

Hmm no problem. Seems like they want to prove that they are not just the stereotyped dumb beauty queens. Well, here's hoping they don't try too hard and just play their normal game because most amazing fans already know that.

maybe I should start watching TARA lol   :-[

Natalie is pretty famous I guess. Just type her name in youtube and bam quite many videos. :lol:


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