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I will try my best to help. Hopefully not as troublesome recorder as last time! :bubs

Racers Revealed will be airing on AXN on Sept 4! Can't wait to hear about it! :happy:

I'd love to help share this great show to North America, like I did in years' past but can't seem to find a source for the shows this time.  If anyone is aware of a source on an IRC channel or bit torrent, please let me know. Thanks!!   :tup:

ps. I've noticed some links to youtube, but for those of us who don't want to watch this great show on a PC, we need a different source.

TARAsia Fan:
I have been looking for torrents for Racers Revealed and there aren't any which is very strange.

There was a post yesterday that offered a viewing option for registered RFF members through PM.  I've been registered for some time now (since the spoliers for TAR 13 started last Spring) but never posted because I don't really have anything to add to the spoilers.  I do enjoy them though and think that the TAR detectives are just as Amazing as the Race.

Anyway, I guess I didn't have enough posts to be permitted to PM, so I didn't ask for the viewing option.  I've decided I can throw up a few posts so I can PM but now I can't find that other post and I don't remember for sure who I needed to PM.

Any help on finding a way to watch the episode would be greatly appreciated.

No, I am not an undercover agent for the "Download Police".


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