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True about the quarantine, but season 1 is up there in its entirety, and that has one as well.

Sorry for the double post, but can anyone point me to this week's episode?

Done! :waves:

Okay, this one's a little different from the usual viewing options request.

I'm going to eventually go back and finish off the recaps for TARA1 (though I'm busy with other shows and other stuff at the moment), and would like to get that Sydney episode out of the way. The Youtube copy of the episode I got a while back has bad audio for a huge chunk right in the middle, and basically makes it impossible to recap. I've found a couple of links to the episode itself on another site, but the problem is that my current internet plan blocks me from downloading individual files bigger than around 30MB. Is it possible for someone to upload it onto Youtube for me, or at least split it into smaller chunks? I can send you the links I've found, if you need them.

I'll talk to you about this later, I may have it, will need to look and no time just now...


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