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Saddest eliminations

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Apskip sorry I wasn't clear.  I didn't mean that Chip & Kim didn't go to a hotel as well.  I meant that in several other seasons (and possible because of what happened here), you see teams staying at the airport that night.

I wasn't saying that Chip & Kim would stay all night at the airport (they just had great luck on a leg that they raced fairly poorly on). 

But camping out at the airport (and even then I couldn't understand it throw your belongings away keep a carry on and nothing more).  Would have allowed this team (and Brandon & Nicole to manage the same flights.

But I hated seeing Chip & Kim (who I liked more) win on a leg where they sucked....


Jon/Al (TAR4)
Bowling Moms (TAR5)
Lena/Kristy (TAR6)
Gaghans (TAR8)
Ann/Diane (TARA2)

I agree with the ones posted above, Lena & Kristy were the first team to come to my mind then Derek & Drew TAR3, I was screaming at the tv as if they could hear me to go back for the clue they missed right along with Flo, I cried when they were eliminated and it instantly made me pull for Flo to win because I felt her sadness.

Gaghans :yes:
Lisa & Joni :yes:
Bowling moms :yes:

Lena & Kristy (Season 6)
Brian & Greg (Season 7)
David & Lori (Season 9)
Dustin & Kandice (Season 10)
Kellie & Jamie (Season 10)
John Vito & Jill (All Stars)
Lorena & Jason (Season 12)


Fran & Barry - season 9


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