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Saddest eliminations

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I remember these as the saddest eliminations, where the teams were just gutted to be leaving the race...

Nancy & Emily - season 1
Carissa Gaghan - season 8
Lisa & Joni - season 9
Dustin & Kandice - season 10

...any others?

Interesting one!
Where teams were gutted:
Millie and Chuck TAR4
JonVito and Jill TAR11 (they didn't see it coming)
Lorena and Jason TAR12
Monica and Joseph TAR9

Where I was gutted!
Bowling Moms TAR5 (i'm sure they were too!)

I know that few will agree with me on either one of these, but here goes:

AR2 - Wil and Tara get beat my 10 seconds af the Finish Line because Tara can't run like Chris and Alex and loses their lead in a footrace.

AR5 - The meanest bad breaks ever occur when Colin and Cristie, who finished the previous leg 4 hours ahead of a totally undeserving Chip and Kim, face a fog delay, then find an airline availability issue but could have overcome that if it was not for an American Airlines checkin agent giving them bad advice about sending their bags(same thing happened to Nicole and Brandon; due to U.S. post-9/11 restrictions). Then arrangements for pickup at DFW airport are undercut by the limo having to drive on the apron of a congested highway, suffering a flat tire(not shown on TV) and losing by about 10 minutes.


I wasn't bothered by Wil & TAra losing.  After all a big part of the race is being able to move from place to place quickly.  That includes traveling through self navigation, public transportation and physical ability.  That episode featured all of the above.

Now we can certainly argue that the final leg of the race (with the exception of season 8 and 12) are all designed to make it close with equalizers usually in multiple points of that leg (typically most have one towards the beginning).  But unlike some seasons Wil & Tara weren't ahead for most of that full leg, So they actually benefitted from mid episode bunching.  I am more bothered by things like season 9, where a team is in the lead at every point, but lose at the final task.  That bothers me.  At least in season 12 (again because I love the format of that ending) you won or lost all due to your own ability.  As much as I disliked Ron, I would be upset for him (and Christina) if after leading the whole leg, all teams got bunched up to fly to another country (or state).

As for Colin & Christie, yeah that bothered me.  While I didn't like their breakdowns (especially as they directed it at not only themselves or other racers, which I don't judge nearly as harshly) but at service personal and locals (that does piss me off), they raced consistently the strongest for their season (and one of the strongest ever).  While it is true that they could have slept at the airport (which most teams do on the final leg), to see this team as well as Brandon & Nicole (who were consistently better racers then Chip & Kim) get killed by a weather delay and checking baggage really hurt.

mswood, my recollection is that all 3 AR5 finalist teams stayed at a Calgary Airport hotel in one suite. This has no bearing on the sadness of it.


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