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Taiko (Daiko) drum from season 12

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Rob just sent me this, I thought it was funny  :lol: "(The internet is crazy!) ", yeah real funny as in we never did find that Taiko (Daiko) drum........anyway~

Friday, January 11, 2008
A couple weeks ago, I received this very random email titled, "Question about a Japanese taiko drum." I answered the question to the best of knowledge; hopefully was of some help. Here is the message:

Hello Jesse,

Came across your "drum" blog while looking to identify a Taiko (Daiko) drum which we believe to be in the Osaka area of Japan. Let me explain. The ( fans of the CBS reality show The Amazing Race try and identify ("spoil") the locations of the upcoming episodes of the show before they are aired. Currently the 12th season of The Amazing Race (TAR) is airing in the states. We know from the previews that TAR passed through the Osaka area of Japan sometime this past June/July. According to the previews, they visit the downtown area (home of the famous mechanical Osaka Clown), as well as the Kishiwada Castle and a third, yet unknown site which contains a ornately decorated Taiko (Daiko) drum. See attached photo. The drum head is gold colored, with a "three tadpole" center design, surrounded by red/green/blue/black "rays" pointing inward toward the center design. The drum is resting on a blue/purple pad with two mallets either side.

The fans of TAR are trying to identify the drum, and thus identify the location where the race visited. We gather from your blog that you are particularly interested in drums, and being an expat in Japan, might be interested in our quest. Any information you could provide regarding the drum pictured would be appreciated.

If you would like to follow along with us, you are welcome to visit the web site any time. After weeks of googling the web, we have come up empty handed as regards this drum. The Osaka episode will air in a few weeks. Thanks again.


Fans of The Amazing Race

(The internet is crazy!)
Posted by Jesse B-H at 12:23 PM

Oh my! But where's Boingo's answer? :lol:

Who wrote to the drum guy?

Not me!! :lol:

Boingo?? ???


--- Quote from: georgiapeach on July 08, 2008, 06:20:35 PM ---Not me!! :lol:

Boingo?? ???

--- End quote ---
I suppose? Now we have to get his attention.


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