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Big Brother Houseguests Move In
« on: July 13, 2008, 10:56:55 PM »
The Big Brother Houseguests are in the house. Big Brother 10 premiered tonight on CBS, letting us meet the 13 new houseguests for the first time on TV.

The game started before they ever entered the house, as promised. Julie Chen gathered all the new HGs on the front stoop and told them they were to choose the first Head of Household based purely on looks. Of course, some of the most narcissistic players (Jessie) thought HE would be first HoH, but the majority of the houseguests picked 75 year old, boob grabber, Jerry as the first HoH.

Even in the first episode we get his nominations, he picked Jessie & Renny, based on their "confrontation" they had. Renny was being loud, and Jessie needed his beauty sleep, he got pissed, and confronted her about it. Jerry didn't like it, and they are on the block, easy as that. ;)

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