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Lena & Kristy are sisters who grew up in Utah. In the Fall, Kristy will be starting her last year of college at University of Utah. She is the single mother of an eight-year-old daughter, Madison. She recently took a few months off from school to move to Denmark with her daughter.

Lena is a student and former striptease aerobics instructor. She also put college on hold so she could travel abroad, but is planning to return to school after the Race. She describes herself as outgoing, happy and competitive.

Most of the time the sisters get along very well; however, they agree that getting into a fist fight a few years back was a low point in their relationship. One of the most special times they had as sisters was living together in Las Vegas.

Being a young single mother, Kristy's motivation for being on THE AMAZING RACE is to enjoy this experience to the fullest and do all the things she has never been able to do, while Lena wants to win the $1 million.

you`re four years late  :lol:

That is fine Hooky, don't listen to Michael  :lol:

I think I started doing contestant's own threads TAR9? so anyone you want to add is just fine.

I just added this because I think we should discuss some of the older teams as well.

Lena & Kristy were a strong team right up to their unlucky elimination. They were usually in first or second place. Those dumb hay bales! :groan:

TARAsia Fan:
I liked Lena & Kristy. They could have given up in the hay bales, but they kept going until Phil had to eliminate them. Luck of the draw.

I did like in the behind-the-scenes special that they were putting up the lippy to look good for Phil. So many women like to make sure they're properly made up at the mat despite going all out on the leg.  :lol: :lol: :lol:


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