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That wasn't pretty!!! :groan:

BTW--Memphis got $25 thou
in leiu  of the car.

Venis Envy88:
I found nothing wrong with that video.... did I miss something??? Sure, he swore a couple times & clearly had a few drinks... whatever!! He wasn't obnoxious & did not make an @ss out of himself!! I like TMZ, but I think their caption of the video was completely wrong!!

I was watching TMZ when they played that clip.
What they actually referred to on the show was
Memphis' comments on all the money he won.
He actually didn't win a lot of money if you
compared it to how  much Dan won.

I'm Ron Burgundy?:
I think it's good that he's appreciative of his money. 50, 000 is still a a lot more than all of the others(except Dan obv.)

Yeah I didn't see anything bad with that. There was nothing notably bad. At all.


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