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Thanks to emjaytee at TAR-flies for the update!

just saw this after sending the other msg in the TAR14 thread!  WOW! july fourth baby! very cool!
congrats to the brand new TAR family!  Is this the first TARbaby? meaning babies born after association with TAR (racers or production folks) not before?

Colin and Christie were considered for TARAS, but Achilles Alexander had other plans.

Oh no, LOADS of babies!

Let's see:

Kelly of TAR 7 (Ron and Kelly) married Scott and had Seth

Jonathan and Victoria had a baby

Kevin (of Kevin and Drew) had triplets!!!

Ray and Deana had a blue eyed charmer themselves

Charla had a baby this year

Lenny has a baby (not with Karyn!)

and I KNOW there are more...thinking...!

TARAsia Fan:
Thank goodness Lenny went with someone else. Can you imagine hearing, "LENN-EEEEEE!!!!!" all your life?


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