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i just wanted to see where the majority of people stand right now. I'm leaning towards craig or mark. :js:

After you take the quiz online at it tells you the % of other people that selected each answer. And this week mark had an average of 32% and the next closest was Craig at 18%. Last week Mark had 15% and Craig had 16% so apparently everyone's suspicions of mark have risen greatly sense last episode. I am still on the Craig train and don't plan on getting of until I see a red finger print come up for his name....clay is at  the top of my list as well though....

I am shocked at how many people think Mark is the Mole, yes, I have had my suspensions of Mark, but I have always thought Craig was the mole

I think Craig is not the mole because I don't think the show would help him like they have and his sickness and journal were just icing on the cake for them to actually help Mark with his subtle sabotages.  Mark just seems to jump on the bandwagon way to often to take advantage of his sabotages. 

The thing that makes me the most suspicious of Craig is the ambulance incident. He says he was shaking with cold but when you see him in the ambulance, his breathing looks normal although he has an oxygen mask on. He was NOT shaking with chills.

However that said, I don't have a clue who the mole is. ??? (yet)


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