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Welcome you big brother fans!!!!!! from Nuala

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Hey there you big brother fans...are you ready? I know I am.  My hubby is even asking me daily when does it start up again.....I've got him secretly hooked on BB.

I just want to take the time to welcome you to RFF the best BB site in the universe!!!!  If you are a guest then register and join us for the fun and crazy times of the bb hgs this summer. 

Get your rest now because once it begins it is a non-stop party here at RFF!!!!!

Hi there Nuala...Thanks for the great welcome...This will be my first season on the board and I am sooooooo excited to be here!  :jumpy:   I am hoping to be in here a lot once it starts....My b/f can't stand BB and gets so angry when it is on cause I definitely DO NOT focus on him at all..LOL Oh well he'll have to deal as usual!

All of us newbies are feeling the love from the old timers!  :kuss:

Thanks Bam Bam and Jo.......I am excited that you will be with us for BB10.  I can't wait to find out who the hgs are....hopefully by the end of this week.

To the rest of you guests....come on register...we don't bite...we love meeting new people and getting your opinions!!!! 

I am sooo excited...the days are going by so slow....but it will be here sooner than we think...I feel like I am going to enjoy this site,everyone seems so nice!  :wohoo:


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