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Highway 18 - Golf Channel's version of The Amazing Race


 :lol:  What happens when The Golf Channel meets The Amazing Race?  You get a TAR rip-off clone but without everything except the racing (and golf, of course).  Highway 18

Highway 18 preview video clip

5 teams of 2, 1 winner, 1000 mile golf road trip, lots of running, lots of yelling, hijinks follow....  :funny:

OK, it's not TAR, but the preview looks interesting.  They sure copied BVM's style, and added golf.  Even have a "female Phil".   :angel:   Probably worth checking out the premiere episode on July 22, 10PM et/7PM pt on The Golf Channel (consult your local cable system for channel number).  :neener:

 :sucks  feelin' the love....

"peachy" keen! :lol3:

 :sucks  Highway 18 premiered tonight.  See review of Episode 1 here   :yess:

Can't watch it - I'm cable-less. :groan:


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