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Kiwi Jay:

 :hearts:  Cinera   :hrt:

Peach, I will leave the Player's Quiz open for one week after the players take the quiz.  For example, this week's questions, one can re-watch the episode on and answer questions there.  Or, I think you can get the quiz on ABC and you can take the quiz while watching the show on-air.

Episode 2's Player Quiz questions will be open from the time they are posted on, until the time Episode 3 airs.  From that point, Episode 3's Player Quiz will be open until Episode 4 airs. 

Does that make any more sense?  Or is that too complicated?  I have to close them because over time because the questions in earlier quizs will be easier to answer once more contestants are executed.  (I.E. "Who is the Mole?" will be easier to answer between Episode 1's Quiz and Episode 10's Player Quiz)

Yes that makes sense! Thanks! Of course, we will have the advantage over the real contestants of knowing (based on the execution) of who not to vote for, but I will still be interested to see how well we can all do!

And since the ABC Quiz site died from overload immediately, we may never get to play there at all! :lol:

That's one of the great things about being an RFF member, our games are ALWAYS open to the public!  We don't require an age limit like ABC's online player quiz does.

And yes, you are right.  Marcie's respective answers in this week's quiz are not correct, so you have a 1-in-11 shot at picking the Mole's identity correctly, versus the player's 1-in-12 shot.   :yess:


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