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For everyone who wants to play along at home, and see how well you are week by week at figuring out the identity of The Mole, play along with others on RFF with our new Mole Game!

Here's how the game works: Each week, you will get two sets of questions.  The first set is the identical quiz that the contestants take.  Please note these questions will not be scored until after The Mole's identity is revealed at the end of the show.  The second set are questions regarding the current week's episode that I come up with, and will be scored immediately after the show airs.

Register and make your picks now!  Have fun!

I feel a sticky coming!! :yess:

Yippee! Only one thing--for the ongoing one, we kinda need to see the episode, don't we? Only then we know who gets elim'd? But we can't begin to answer the Q's w/out seeing the ep otherwise we are just spitting in the wind.

How can we work around this? Do the quiz from the preceding week and just toss the one's about the executed person? This actually kept me up last night! :lol:

Are you talking about RFF's questions, or the Player's Quiz?  If you're talking about the Player's Quiz, then I will post those questions right after ABC releases them and will be open until the next episode airs. 

The Player's Quiz...The prob is we can't really answer the questions with anything but a guess until we watch the episode...

For instance this week there was did the mole wear a hat?

We could only guess until we saw the show because we wouldn't know if our choice wore a hat or not...we need the episode to let us choose. But the drawback of course is that we then know who gets elim'd...

I don't want to just guess without something to base it on, so I would almost rather do the quiz from the week before and throw out the elim'd person's Q's.

Or am I totally overthinking this? :lol:


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