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Will anyone be watching the next season of BBuk?  Sounds like a pretty good season, apparently they're going to be very evil this season and not as lenient as the last two seasons.

...And no lame twists like an All-Female House in the first week of the show. 

Jeffrey Scott:
From what I hear there will be a blind contestant, a stricter policy against cheaters (9 strike and your out). Also, word is they may be having a HOH competition. I'll certainly check it out. I was bored quickly last season and tuned out just as quickly.

I agree, last season I quit watching right after they put in Ziggy. 

I've noticed they only have 8 beds in the house.  So why has it been confirmed that 16 are entering, but only 8 beds are available?  And they aren't large luxury beds (like last year), and they don't look comfortable either.

New Pictures of the house released today...

The Diary Room chair is absolutely amazing!

Will BBUK be available on line?


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