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This is the thread to post and discuss any real spoilers that turn up on who the Mole may or may not be. And there ARE some real spoilers already out there --so fair warning--you may want to STAY OUT of this thread from now on if you do not wish to know about spoilers.

This is NOT the thread to discuss the **CLUES** in--for the latest in clue analysis please go to this thread:,15540.msg302102.html#msg302102

While the **CLUES** may eventually become spoiler-y as they gradually start to point to one person, that thread will be dedicated to keeping track of and deciphering the ongoing clues as they appear, and should remain free of outside spoilers.


Okay....there ARE real spoilers out there which I stumbled across.

This doesn't  (YET :'() tell who the Mole is but does rule out several of the contestants as The Mole based on public comments on MySpace before the end of Mole filming, for example.

The research for this was all done by ShanSlam over at Sucks, and the Detective work is superb.

But one more time, reconsider now before you go may well wish you didn't know!

Well, I tried! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!  So don't blame me! :lol:

Contestants who ARE NOT The Mole:

Okay, you still are going to have to hover to see...Really, are you sure you want to know??

Marcie: based on MySpace posts and Picture evidence in Vegas during the filming, is believed to leave very early.

Ali    : Based on MySpace posts during filming, is believed to go out mid-season.

Alex : Based on MySpace posts during filming, is believed to go out before the final three.

BobbyO: Based on MySpace posts during filming, is believed to go out before the final three.

And lastly, someone who may go far:

Paul    : Based on promotional efforts, is speculated  to go quite far in the game.

Belle Book:
Well, most of the ones that you spoiled to be out before the Final 3 are not ones I seriously considered as the Mole.  Thanks.

Belle Book

For EP1

Herc Digs Up ABC’s First New MOLE In More Than Four Years!!

I am – Hercules!!

The fat graphic artist gets nervous about his waterfall safety-rope. The stupid guy gives up his journal, claiming to have a “photogenic memory.” (Because if he had a photographic one, he’d know the right word to use there.) A surgeon, Nicole, tries to work around the rules, noting that all she has to do is “stay black and die.” A history teacher squirts a few when he talks about the money he could win.

The new host of this elimination reality series, Jon Kelley, is more on the model of the no-nonsense Anderson Cooper than the talentless Ahmad Rashad. I found tonight's installment all very enjoyable!

Variety says:

… A four-year hiatus has been kind … Perhaps foremost, the once-convoluted rules seem less onerous this time -- having been simplified, thank goodness, without completely dumbing them down. (A little dumbing down was in order, frankly, for everyone except those determined to pursue a degree in Mole 101.) … In essence, "The Mole" borrows from the best -- combining the travelogue component of "The Amazing Race" with the challenges and squabbling of "Survivor." …

10 p.m. Monday. ABC.


I believe based on pics of who is at the pre elim dinner/quiz results  and who is not, that apparently** Nicole **is the one left stranded on the beach.

See--someone is missing!

And someone figured out who was executed, but y'all don't really want to know that, do you??  :lol:


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