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Age: 42
Occupation: High School History Teacher/Soccer Coach
Mukwonago, WI
Education: B.A., University of Wisconsin, Whitewater

Mark is an extremely competitive high school soccer coach and world history teacher. He plays to win and has no tolerance for whiners. He is a huge fan of The Mole, having seen all the previous seasons. Mark will be very intense and focused about playing the game. His only weakness is his family. Mark and his wife struggled financially when they first married. In order to make life easier Mark put himself through college while working 2 jobs. He can be very emotional about his wife of 18 years and his three children, who he considers his life. Today with another baby on the way, both he and his wife continue to work 2 jobs. Mark says he thrives on competition and being challenged. He says his IQ is 143. His strategy is to figure out an "end game", where he foresees the end of the most advantageous route for himself and does everything in his power to manipulate things towards that result.

Meet Mark


.... more on Mark Lambrecht - soccer coach

After four years away Mark Lambrecht returned to the FC Milwaukee coaching staff. A native a California Mark moved to Wisconsin in 1989. He now lives in Mukwonago with his wife Brenda and three kids Ashland, Amanda and Alec. When he is not coaching soccer he is a history teacher at Mukwonago High School. We are pleased to have Mark back with the FC Milwaukee staff. "I coach soccer because I love the game and never stop learning from the game. I enjoy working with kids and enjoy helping them develop as both players and people. I am coaching with FC Milwaukee because I enjoy working with people whom I love and respect like I would my own family. FC Milwaukee is also the most well-rounded club in the state, with the highest level of coaching and players while maintaining its integrity, which is a direct reflection of the people in charge of the program".

Mark's Coaching Experience Includes:

FC Milwaukee Coach 2003-present
USSF B License
Coached with Milwaukee Kickers Nationals (Now FC Milwaukee) from 1991 to 1999.
Coached six teams to state championships with FC Milwaukee and had a third place regional finish with U-14 boys
Coached Mukwonago high school boys varsity team from 1994 to 2001 (4 conference championships, 8 consecutive trips to state tournament, state runner-up '96 (166-50-19 record)
Former Director of Coaching and Player Development for Mukwonago area and M.K. staff coach from 1999-2003.


Host Jon Kelley's Take:

Mark, a 42-year-old high school history teacher and soccer coach from Mukwonago, WI

Jon: Mark is a teacher and a soccer coach. This guy basically drinks coffee all day -- drinks Coke and coffee -- so he's wired. His DNA's that way. He's a coach and an athlete and a leader -- and that comes through every pore in his body. Just every day he'd be Dr. Intensity. He's also a great cheerleader, but then at the same time because of his intensity, he would be so focused on the game that he could just pop on something and be like, "We've got to do this!" He's one of those guys who could be endearing yet he can also be overbearing. I think he used that to his advantage. He was funny. Kathy Griffin -- in [Celebrity Mole: Hawaii] -- she described Corbin Bernsen as the soccer coach dad with the veins popping out of his neck. Mark wasn't quite that, but he was the guy that was the driving energy force. Very, very focused -- sharp, smart and particular. He paid attention to every detail. He was a guy that used his journal like it was the Holy Grail. He just used that for detail, detail, detail. Right off the bat I thought this guy would be interesting to watch, he'd be a great element for the show, and probably a guy that has a lot of great ways to play the game. 


from swargy on the ABC message boards:

well I think I might be of some help to you guys because I actually had Mark as a teacher at mukwonago high school 2 years ago for criminal justice.  He is one of the nicest teachers I've had and yes he does have a cockiness about him.  Here is an example.  One time in class we had this huge discussion about drinking a gallon of milk in one hour.  It actually all started because I drank 4-6 of those little cartons of milk a day....  OK  so he said that he could drink any kind of milk (whole, skim, chocolate) a whole gallon in one hour.  I don't remember much about it,  I was unable to see it because it was after school and I had tennis practice but I heard that he succesfully drank the gallon of milk in about 45 min. 

Also another interesting fact you guys might find interesting is that he was on the game show   "The Weakest Link"  and he won.  He told us about it many times and he told us how he managed to win.
I guess that in that game show there was a lot of behind the scenes mingling with the contestants.  Mark would make "deals" with 2-3 people at a time and then they would all go after a certain person.  Mark was usually the leader of this.  So mark was able to make 2 people vote for a single person each time.  The final 3 people was then Mark and the 2 other people that he "teamed" up with.  He then chose to team up with the person he felt was weaker in the competition and then both he and the other person would kick the 3rd person out.  So now it was Mark and the weaker person.  Now all mark had to do was win the last round, but since the other person was "weaker" it wasn't too hard for him and he won.

I have never seen the mole but one of my friends just told me about the youtube video of him so I looked up more info about it. 
So ya now you know a few more things about Mark. 

If you have any more questions that you think I could answer to help you guys make a guess, feel free to ask.

Also if he ever reads this.  "I want my audio cable back!!"  LOL  I let him borrow it for a projector and I never got it back. 


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