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TAR 1 Season Finale Question


Hey guys and girls.

This is a bit of an odd question, but if you have either a really, really good memory or the TAR 1 DVD, then you might be able to help.

While Frank and Margarita were standing on the train about to go by the house that Frank grew up in, a piece of music starts to play and keeps playing right until about the time Rob and Brennan hit the mat. Does anyone know the name of this piece of music or where it's from?

Many thanks.

It may have been 'Now We Are Free' by 'Enya'?

And I'm no Name that Tune person  :lol: so I pulled that from this post by dytzy:

--- Quote ---Lee Sanders is one of the artist which has been credited for contributing to TAR for all 12 seasons. Check out Lee Sanders' website for some of his recent music for the new season

And here are some familiar music from older seasons
Lee Sanders - A Game

Lee Sanders - Deathtrap

Lee Sanders - Grim

Lee Sanders - Previously On


The finish line song during season 1 is 'Now We Are Free' by 'Enya' which was also featured in the Gladiator Soundtrack.

You might also want to try Christopher Franke which was credited for contributing music in Season 3 & 4
--- End quote ---

which can be all found in this music thread which has some amazing links.

Hope that helps! :waves:

And :welcome2: to RFF!

That's the one!  :jumpy:

Thank you so much!   :tup:


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