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LEG 1:

BRAZIL        Airdate: 9/28/08             Film date: 4/22/08--4/24/08

Quick facts 

Airport connections in Brazil:
Sao Paulo

         >>> Salvador (formerly Bahia)

                Great VR tour of Salvador! Thanks to Slowhatch!

                Link to neat Bahia Website

"They will be filming tomorrow in the Terminal Maritimo de Salvador, in Comercio. Up until now, they already filmed in Praca da Sé, Plano Inclinado Goncalves, Ordem Tercerida de Sao Francisco (Historic center), Ladeira do Carmo and Paco's Stairways." (Thanks to HiFi for the translation)

Slowhatch's Interactive Map of Task/Clue Locations!! :hearts:

Preview of Slowhatch's Map (not Interactive)


Salvador Interactive Street Map (thanks to Slowhatch)

Slowhatch's Walking Distances Interactive Street Map! :hearts:

Boingo's "Where is MATT?" Map! :hearts:

Boingo's Locations!

Downtown Salvador: thanks apskip!

Neobie's MAPs of Locations :ty3:


Fortaleza, Brazil   airdate: 10/5/08   film date:

quick facts

WONDERFUL VR Tour of Fortaleza! Has our windmills and cranes! Thanks to Slowhatch!

thanks apskip!

Google Map

Beaches in and near Fortaleza  Maps, descriptions, more


Parque da Criança/ Cidade Da Crianca.  Thanks to puddin!




BOLIVIA                    Airdate: 10/12/08            Film Date  4/27-28/08  U-TURN! (not used)

Quick Facts

Great Bolivian site with Maps, VR tours, etc from Slowhatch!

Airport connection: Phil spotted on 4/29/08 at Santa Cruz
Thanks puddin!
         >>>> LA PAZ


Chateau's Shot of the park:

Interactive map of La Paz with search feature

Sopocochi Neighborhood map  (Plaza Abaroa) thanks to Slowhatch

El Alto international Airport Thanks to puddin!

**Interactive Street Map**   Thanks slowhatch! This is the most useful one for us...

Maps of South America Thanks slowhatch!

youtube downtown La Paz (puddin)

Map of the Plazas:

zoomable Map to the plazas Thanks to puddin!

Plaza des Estudiantes:

Boingo's MAP of Locations: :ty3:

Neobie's MAPs of Locations: :thankyou:

Chateau's MAP of the multigym: :ty3:

Bike Route: thanks to Boingo and Chateau!

Start: (Boingo)

Route w/ tunnel: (Chateau)

Route: (Chateau)


NEW ZEALAND      Airdate: 10/19/08        Film Date: 5/2-3/08  Fast Forward available!

Quick Facts

GE New Zealand MAP

Next 2 maps courtesy of Backpack-New Zealand:

North Island:

    >> Searchable street/suburb NZ Maps

               >>>> AUCKLAND

**Interactive Map of Auckland Area**

                >>>> BAY OF PLENTY

**Interactive Map of the Bay of Plenty**

Boingo's MAP of kiwi360: :ty3:

Neat Interactive NZ driving directions Map set Auckland to Te Puke  thanks to puddin!

NZ MAP SITES: all thanks to Slowhatch!
Yellow Pages:
Zoomin, online street maps:
NZ Topo online:

Gulf Harbor:

Link to One Tree Hill Map (although the site turned out to be Mt Eden) Thanks Slowhatch!


Topo Map of the Papamoa Hills: :ty3: Slowhatch!


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