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F2 Specualtion is Nonsense!!!!!

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i think there is a F3. i dont know where this F2 spoiler got started( who does?) i doubt that james or anybody on the jury is unable to appear to vote on the winner and therefor another juror is needed. 8 jurors is even more farfetched. if they were really returning to F2 this year than ozzy would have started the jury and not eliza. i think that the F3 will remain. the commecial for 3 tribal councils is the same as last years china final and they started at the f4 in last years finale too. dont think there is a chance the game will be scrtewed with 8 jurors like that or that in the span of 3 dyas from eriks boot till the final TC that james or anybody cannot even appear at the final TC. if he needs surgery im sure they can wait a day on it or something lol. i mean hes under contract to vote.


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"Sunday's finale airs from 8-10 p.m, with the first hour in Micronesia, where two more castaways will be voted out. At 9 p.m., the jury's final votes will be tallied, and will decide which of the two finalists wins."


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Hahahaha lol puddin! :lol:

Thank you thank you, puddin sweetie!! :jumpy:
You saved the day!  :kuss: :hugs:

The commercial says 3 tribal councils are left and you compared it to last year where the commercial says three TCs. I thought last year there were 5 remaining and only 2 voted out which made it a F3 to vote on. Remember this year it would have been like that (with Eliza starting the jury) because James left due to injury and Alexis was voted out.

If James hadn't left to injury there would have been 5 people going into the finale. Three tribal councils would have possibly made it a F3. But with James leaving to injury it made it 2 less instead of 1 less when Alexis was voted out. Therefore the commercials are the same but there are less people so how else would you have three tribal councils. Or is that false advertisement?

4 people at start.

TC - 3 people remain
TC - 2 people remain

And then I believe the finale is considered a TC. But I could be wrong on this, as I only have watched this show a few times in the past (and towards the end mind you) and then this season - its a good lay down on the couch relax show for me lately :lol:


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