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BB9 - Post Mortems
« on: May 05, 2008, 12:37:15 PM »
. . . after death did them part:

Chicken George has a couple of autographed photos of BB9 "cast members" on eBay: he got them signed at the wrap party.

Been thinking about what I would want to see on reality tv, starting with more real reality and not reality shows with "casts," unless they are celebrity reality, like The Real World, Celebrity Apprentice . . . .

This last BB9 was too self-aware: 
  • G-nat taking what she thought was the bully pulpit and announcing, "America, this is what . . . ."  She also did the same with God, addressing God out the side of her mouth frequently.
  • Ryan going on about celebustatus
  • G-nat with the how many million was it up to audience
  • Big She's former celebutante status
  • It seemed like most of them had some sort of show-biz wanna be, sometimes was -- with the exception of Sharon, which was a big part of her charm, and G-nat and Big She (?) Ryan (?) were ragging on her for not being a celebre-be: "The only reason she got on here is because of her connection with the Marines, with, you know. like, and all."

I'd love to see more real people who don't mind cameras on these shows.  I like the goodness of human nature coming through to surprise me in spite of what the media wants us to think -- people who don't show up because their agent told them to.

Again, back to "Joe Schmoe," the reality show to end all reality shows.

Early this morning I woke up to "The Truman Show" on tv; I'd gone to sleep with it on (and boy is it nice to go to sleep at a more normal hour now that CBS isn't keeping the trained monkeys up until midnight performing for Showtime.  If it's on, I'll watch, thinking about Reality Show Cartoon Strips, which never get done in time enough to make them marketable; the fame of reality tv is short-lived.  I remember very few former cast members, even those I've drawn.)

I think I remember the members of the first BB better than any other.

As to now: It's Flavor of Love (a great 'make the wrong choice again' show)
Miss Rap Supreme
both of which have very bizarre "cast members"

I Know My Kid's a Star (and I see a lot that could be done with it).  I've worked as a studio/set teacher, so it's a chance to sit back and observe.

and saving the best for last, Viva Hollywood!