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Vicaps for EP:10
« on: March 25, 2004, 05:33:14 PM »

Voice Over Transcript

VO: Next Thursday Survivor is back on its regular night with a new episode.

The all stars are expecting to become one tribe...

Kathy: I'd say were merging.

VO: ...but a bizarre twist...

Lex: This is just weird.

VO: ...will drive one castaway to do the unbelievable.

RobM: The next move I make is going to have serious consequences.

Shii Ann: The wrath of god will come down upon us.

VO: Plus, gather your friends as the survivors play the ultimate trivia challenge.

VO:  Win…stay in the game.

Jerri: <laughing>

VO: Lose … go home.

Probst: The tribe has spoken

VO: A new survivor all stars on its regular night, CBS next Thursday

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Re:Vicaps for EP:10
« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2004, 09:50:04 PM »
I'll try to put some speculation into the vidcaps  ???
CBS Teasers~

The All-Stars gather for a Challenge, only to be hit with another twist that turns the game upside down.
The turn of events makes one unsuspecting castaway feel powerless.
A quick interchange between two castaways on opposing tribes attracts attention.  

Looks like Rob is at MogoMogo? Is this a green buff around his leg?

Is Lex wearing a red buff around his wrist ? or is he handing it to Jerri? or Kathy?Lex: "This is just weird."

Is Jerri wearing a Red buff? you could see a hint of red in this closeup? But..why is she sitting with the Mogos??

If this is the QA RC/IC ..why is Rob wearing a red buff and sitting with Chaperas? and where is Amber?

A closer picture of Robs Buff? Does it look Red here?

New Mogo-  Tom, Shi, Rob, Lex, Kathy??
New Chapera- Amber, Jerri, Rupert, Jenna, Alicia ???(I'm sure that Rupert and the girls would Love to get rid of Jerri!)
The way that the spoilers have been seems that we have to wait untill the Early Show on Thurs. mornings for some new clues??Because right now I am confused??
Or does Amber and only Amber go to The Mogo Tribe? could it be as simple as that?
The one thing for sure !! Jerri gets the boot this week  ;)

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Re:Vicaps for EP:10
« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2004, 09:29:53 AM »
LOL theresa..we know that they get seperated some how?
CBS clues are hinting towards Rob throwing a challenge to save Amber..
We know that will never happen? Or will it?
I highly doubt it..Rob would be signing his ticket off the island..besides..were 99% sure that Amber and Rob are in the final 4..
I can't wait to see how this plays out? :)
A quick interchange between two castaways on opposing tribes attracts attention. Rob/Amber
EP 10 - "Mad Scramble and Broken Hearts"
Amber:  I feel like I'm the one who got screwed in this whole situation.

The turn of events makes one unsuspecting castaway feel powerless. Amber/Rob

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Re:Vicaps for EP:10
« Reply #3 on: March 27, 2004, 01:03:35 AM »
Good speculations here Puddin.  The only thing I can think of is that Rob sends Amber to the other tribe because of his comment on the voice over
RobM: The next move I make is going to have serious consequences.

Could the serious consequence mean he has no one to snuggle up with or it might ruin his relationship with Amber?

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Re: Vicaps for EP:10
« Reply #5 on: March 30, 2004, 07:01:49 PM »
Scenario of EP10 ..based on Spoilers and Speculation from other sites such as Sucks Mess Hall and Blows

I think that Krautboy at Blows did the best scenario  :D
Krautboy Posted This~

EP10 begins with the two tribes contemplating their current situations, as the editing features the contrasting moods

The tribes receive treemail, which includes tribal “war paint”…

The tribes are led to believe a traditional merge may take place…

The Mogo Mogo seem to lack the tribe spirit of the Chapera and do not embrace the idea of the paint as enthusiastically as the Chapera…

The tribes arrive at Challenge Beach…

…plant their flags and take their places on their tribal mats.
The tribes arrive wearing their buffs

At this point, we can speculate that instead of a RC, JP will recycle the fake merge that we saw in the Marquesas. This is probably where the “Mad Scramble” takes place. The tribes will be asked to pair up with a member of the opposite tribe and go off on some sort of a paired reward picnic. The tribes will be anticipating a merge when they return later that day and the pairs will be shown discussing the merge…
JP: “But while everyone was talking merge...”

Lex and Rob are paired for the RC “meetings”.

A little later that afternoon, after the tribes share the paired reward, they return to Challenge Beach as instructed…

The contestants return in pairs and line up in front of JP. The pairs appear to be Rob and Lex, Tom and Jerri, Shii Ann and Rupert, Kathy and Alicia. Amber and Jenna are a pair by default because of the 6-4 split.

At this point “The All Stars are expecting to become one tribe…”

VO “...but a bizarre twist...” catches them by surprise.
JP: ...what happens next... will turn their world upside down.
JP: Drop your buffs.

JP has the tribes drop their buffs and select a new buff, one of either 5 green or 5 red buffs in the urn. Lex probably picks first, followed by Rob, Tom, Jerri, etc. With Amber selecting last

Lex selects first and pulls a red buff. He is later joined by Jerri and Kathy as the first three of the New Chapera.

Rob selects second and draws a green buff. He is later joined by Tom.  Rob is no longer wearing the red buff around his neck, the warpaint on his arm has faded from earlier in the day and the Chapera flag is now off to his right, where you’d expect it to be since he is now standing on the Mogo Mogo tribal mat

The selection process continues and in a “bizarre twist”, that… “will turn their world upside down.”, all the Mogo Mogo become Chapera, and all the Chapera become Mogo Mogo. (hence the “upside down”) To which Lex remarks…Lex: “This is just weird.”

Amber is the last to pick, since she is at the opposite end of the line from Lex. The question is are there 6 Green and 4 Red buffs, or 5 and 5…

To her and Rob’s disappointment, she draws a 5th and final Red buff and is the only person to stay on the same tribe!The tribes are split evenly at 5-5…and Rob and Amber have “Broken Hearts”.

Her reaction in a confessional, later back at Chapera…

Everyone else is forced to switch tribes and camps and yet…
Amber: “ I feel like I'm the one who got screwed in this whole situation.”

Note: The speculation that Amber ends up at Chapera is supported by these vidcaps from previous episodes. All three confessionals have the same vegetation present, indicating they were all shot at the Chapera camp site.

Rob ends up at Mogo Mogo, separated from Amber, determined to come up with a plan to save her… Rob may plan to do what he can to throw the Immunity challenge in order to save Amber from TC.

RobM: “The next move I make is going to have serious consequences.” The consequences are he probably intends to sacrifice someone else from his tribe instead…
(Notice the green buff drapped over Rob’s leg, what appears to be the Mogo Mogo mailbox, and the distinctive Mogo Mogo trees.)

Note: Some question remains whether or not the tribes are instructed to pack up and move to Saboga, or whether they move to the camp associated with their new buff color. (SNN has reported that they “seem to merge at 10 and move to Saboga”) This could be the “Mad Scramble” mentioned in this week’s title.

Regardless, whether they remain at Mogo Mogo and Chapera, or cohabitate at Saboga, they go on to compete as separate tribes for Immunity, with the losing tribe going to TC.

{Krautboy deserves the Sheriffs Badge this week..excellent job! You could read more at    }

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Re: Vicaps for EP:10
« Reply #6 on: March 31, 2004, 01:43:24 PM »
I'll be on later theresa :D

I should have made it clearer :-[..
At the beginning of the show the tribes are assuming merge..Jeff yells Drop your buffs..
In some way the buffs are exchanged?? or picked from the urn? They are paired up ? Lex w/ on....what they do as pairs? I'm not sure..could be like Thailand?

Then they arrive back at the beach(same day) ...Jeff announces Drop your buffs again?
Somehow the tribes are switched..Chapera tribe are all now Mogo's..and live on Mogo's island ..maybe just maybe they all live on Mogo's island..but as two tribes??"I Dunno"
Mogo's are all Chaperas(w/ Amber).

Somehow Amber ends up on the new Chapera tribe..she competes with them in the IC..
Does Amber have immunity?? "I Dunno"
I'm assuming that the new Chapera decide to boot Jerri and save Amber(she's nicer?)
All I know for show is the merge is next episode..and this episode Jerri is the boot!

New Chapera

New MogoMogo
Rob M
Big Tom



After receiving Tree Mail, along with five different color body paints, the tribes were instructed to paint themselves, with each individual tribe member representing a different color.
The two tribes met host Jeff Probst, who explained the significance behind the painting: "We thought we would give you guys the chance to get to know someone from the other tribe." One at a time, the members of Sook Jai and Chuay Gahn paired up according to who was wearing the same color body paint. Randomly picking baskets, the pairs set out along the beach to enjoy time with each other.

Clay Jordan, the 46-year-old restaurateur from Monroe, Louisiana, of Chuay Gahn, and Shii Ann of Sook Jai received a note telling them to travel to the Chuay Gahn beach. Sook Jai's Ken Stafford, the New York City cop, and Chuay Gahn's Helen Glover, the Navy swim instructor from Middleton, Rhode Island, were told to travel to the Sook Jai beach to examine how the other tribe lived. After observing both beaches, the four returned to meet with their tribemates as Jeff Probst explained, "The four of you are the official ambassadors of your tribes. The two tribes will now live together on one beach, and the four ambassadors will decide which beach that will be." After a brief debate, it was decided that the Chuay Gahn beach was more comfortable


Believing that the two tribes had merged, they created a new tribal name, Chuay Jai. The tribes celebrated with an assortment of food and wine that awaited them at their new home. Brian Heidik, the 34-year-old used car salesman from Quartz Hill, California, felt confident in his position, remarking, "Well, its great to welcome everybody to my kingdom. They are in my house now, and I already have the home court advantage

After receiving Tree Mail, the tribes headed out of camp for the next Immunity Challenge.

Upon arriving at the Immunity Challenge, the tribes were once again thrown off course. They had been thinking all this time that they had merged into one, but Jeff Probst cautioned that on SURVIVOR, it is dangerous to assume anything. As the Survivors' jaws dropped, Jeff continued, "I said nothing about a merge. You are two tribes living together on one beach. The two tribes never merged."