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--- Quote from: tory on November 19, 2008, 10:35:56 AM --- :wohoo:  i love the last 3 teams.. toni and dalls 1 nick and star 2 dandrew 3 jmo!!!!!

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:welcome: to RFF Tory! :waves:

 :duno: i relised after i posted i for got the other team i gueess i am trying to block them out,lol.. ty for the great wellcom i am so glad to find this sight.. love love it.. i am a reality junky and found it by listing to the pod cast ty ty ty,i look fw to it every week.   :yess: so u will see me a lot posting in the wrong treads and i am deslix so my spelling is horrable. but i love chatting with random stranger about thing so near and dear to my heart lol.. and if i new how to pod cast i would.rob and trever u r the best ty ty ty..


--- Quote from: apskip on November 18, 2008, 07:24:29 AM ---BelleBook, before you take your prediction to the bank, consider the reliability of Bertram van Munster in past public statements. He makes so many mistakes, some due to lack of knowledge of geography, some in a deliberate attempt to mislead and some due to sloppy thinking, that basing anything on what he states is fraught with peril and uncertainty. 

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Well said.

Berty has certainly not been one to trust, with his two new African countries comment, and saying that All Stars went to Antarctica. When it didn't, I was so disappointed. Then I learned not to trust his word ever again! :groan:

I see no new spoilers here? More like speculation which we have a separate thread for, thanks in advance.


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