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--- Quote from: georgiapeach on April 23, 2008, 08:44:25 PM ---LAX:

--- End quote ---

If the teams were seen from inside Terminal 5 walking to the right, they would be headed for Terminal 6 - or 7 - Aeromexico Copa, and United.  They could also be just strolling along killing time after checking in on an International flight in the International terminal.

From inside to the right would be towards Term 6 and 7 if I am interpreting that map correctly.

But stand by--more coming! :jumpy: :jumpy:

Chateau d If:
Thanks to Peach's glorious discovery I decided to go down to LAX and check it out.  Again.  I had spent last Sunday afternoon there (4/20/08) and that was a bust.

But today's trip yields some new information.  I found several staffers who had seen filming yesterday.  One team was at the northmost main entry of Tom Bradley terminal having an interview.  Not rushed.

One team was at the American Airlines terminal being interviewed off in a quiet corner.

One United Employee in the domestic terminal (#6) had heard of TAR filming (she actually said Amazing Race) that happened in the their international terminal (#7). 

Two employees at the United International terminal had seen 3 teams arrive and purchase tickets at the far east end of the counters.  I asked if they had seen colored flags around any where:  "Any little flags stuck on the poles over there?  Like red and..."  And the guy said "Oh yes, Red and Gold"  That's close enough for me!  The gal said there was one team that was 'hippie' like with long white hair (she demonstrated with her hands at mid chest level).  They were an older couple, as in, male and female.  She estimated their ages to be 40's or 50's.  She also mentioned the two girls and another team that was just a regular young couple in their 20's.

No employees at either AA (terminal 4) or Delta (terminal 5) had seen any ticket buying by filmed pairs going at their counters.

Okay--kogs asked me to summarize this:

We have thanks to kogs our first contestant picture :,15372.0.html

This was taken in Chicago...

kogs has been hard at work looking at possible flights since yesterday and actually came up with this as a possible routing then. :jam:

LAX to:

UAL847 B763 Ministro Pistarini (SAEZ) Tue 10:18PM EDT Wed 12:26PM GMT Wed 02:18AM GMT
AAL961 B763 Ministro Pistarini (SAEZ) Tue 08:52PM CDT Wed 12:31PM GMT Wed 01:52AM GMT

For the airport code dummies like me, this is LAX via Dulles on United to Buenas Aires (flight 847 which departed at 10:18 take off was scheduled for 9:52)

and LAX via Chicago on American  also to Buenas Aires (which departed at 8:52 and take off was scheduled for 8:36)

So we may have our first stop thanks to kogs!! :jumpy: :jumpy:

 :jumpy:  yay!  It begins!  Good job!  I can't believe they are leaving out of LAX again.   I wonder where the starting point in LA was this time?


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