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The real world XX is in Hollywood.  I have seen a few commericals....looks like the typical drama of the real world.  Is anyone wathcing the show?  I usually catch an episode here and there, but not all.  If you are watching. please post.  Anyone can start a thread or just reply to a message.  I am sure there are alot of you watching.  Do not be shy talk about the show.

I haven't watched yet but will likely tivo and watch when I get a change.  MTV runs their shows so many times over the week though it's not even really needed to tivo.   Should be good but, I think the more the years go on the worse the show actually gets.   It's always the same cast (almost), young people, fill with alcohol, live near clubs, give good job, watch fire works...same old same old.  (:;)

I feel like the show has completely gone away from what its intended purpose was in the first place a real social experiment where people learned from each other.

We saw the early seasons with Puck and Pedro, is probably the best example. It has not redeeming qualities now because all they do is get drunk and hook up. They should out the show on VH1 with all their trashy shows.

I'm a huge Real World fan and there was a definitely a lot of drama this season.  The casts just keep getting crazier and crazier.  All the cast members are getting in on the action.  Take a look at this video from the dailies site, it' insane:


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