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--- Quote from: sayurkangkung on May 27, 2008, 02:50:36 AM ---Wow im surprised there r lots of ppl here wanna TAR to go to Indonesia, as local i also want that!
Thx for your opinion about Indonesia   :tup:  :tup:
But i also would like to see countries like Uzbekistan, Venezuela, and more Russia (especially Siberia), also Denmark, Slovenia (Europe best kept secret), and Jordan.

--- End quote ---

 :lol: my family roots originate back to Slovenia! Of course, when p eople can't pronounce Bostancic, it makes me wish we came from somewhere with easier last names.

Places I would love to see are Prague - Southeastern Asia - Indonisia - Adelaid - Island Locations (Barbados for example).

I like to see the race visit somewhere in New England. Hard to believe, after 14 seasons, it still has never gone to that region. Not even Family Edition.


Then my staking out of the airports there might come to fruition.

Locations - How about places that none of the TAR editions (ours, Asia, etc.) have not visited. There are thousands of beautiful places around the world that could be visited. Thousands of socio-economic sob stories that could be explored. I am very tired of India. Phuket, again? TARA seems to allows be there and now TAR. Australia is simply gorgeous and I would love to visit but Papua/New Guinia is right there. (Although, I think TAR has been there). More African (obscure) countries. Togo, anyone? South America. The freakin' Amazon?

Twists - Keep things simplistic as far as the race. Make the clues more difficult. No more make your way to Red Square and find the guy dressed like Breshnev. How about "Make your way to the area once covered in woodland buildings that an Ivan III edict changed into a major marketplace, then find the gentlemen dressed as the premier that served Russia at the same time as Presidents Kennedy, Johnson, Carter and Reagan." Make it a much more thoughtful race where locals can provide more than pointing to a place.

Teams - My brother and I  :lol: :lol:

The Amazing race should go to Indonesia!   :ascared


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