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--- Quote from: gamerfan09 on May 24, 2014, 03:41:32 AM ---I just want a good cast where I like everyone and nobody exactly gets on my nerves. I haven't had that since TAR17 :lol:

(The closest thing any team went to getting on my nerves on TAR17 was Jill & Thomas and they weren't even that bad lol)

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Nick wasn't that bad IMO. Other than his quitting, I quite liked Nick & Vicki.

Since Sunday is going to air legal drama from now on (don't get me wrong, I LOVE watching The Mentalist, just stating a fact), I want to make a fresh, generalized route.

STARTING LINE: Near Pride of Baltimore II at port district - Baltimore, MD
Leg 1 (United States --> Bermuda)/ 11th pl. ELMNXN
— Outer Hamilton, Bermudian culture & landscape with Detour & Roadblock!
Leg 2 (Bermuda --> The Netherlands)/ 10th pl. ELMNXN
— flight to Amsterdam, self-drive towards Eindhoven
Leg 3 (The Netherlands --> Hungary --> Bulgaria)/ KoR & 9th pl. ELMNXN
— flight to Budapest, KoR/double-length Leg :res:
— train to Sofia, self-drive towards Samokov w/ Rila Monastery Pit Stop
Leg 4 (Bulgaria --> Eritrea)/ 8th pl. NON-ELMNXN
— flight to Massawa, cultural Leg
Leg 5 (Eritrea)/ 8th pl. ELMNXN
— more of Massawa & Detour choosing between Dahlak Marine Nat. Park or Semenawi Bahwi Nat. Park
Leg 6 (Eritrea --> India)/ 7th pl. NON-ELMNXN
— flight to Delhi, bus to Jaipur, cow-based Detour, & spices Roadblock
Leg 7 (India --> Nepal)/ 7th pl. ELMNXN
— flight to Kathmandu, cultural Leg
Leg 8 (Nepal --> Laos)/ 6th pl. ELMNXN
— flight to Vientiane, paddy field Roadblock
Leg 9 (Laos --> Philippines)/ 5th pl. NON-ELMNXN
— flight to Manila, buses to Quezon City
Leg 10 (Philippines)/ 5th pl. ELMNXN
— transportations Leg around Manila
Leg 11 (Philippines --> New Zealand)/ 4th pl. ELMNXN
— flight to Queenstown, adventure sports tasks
Leg 12 (New Zealand --> United States)/ FINAL 3
— flight to Denver, CO!!! Mount Goliath, Buffalo Nat. Forest, and U.S. Mint
FINISH LINE: Denver Botanic Gardens - Denver, CO

Season 26 route

Leg 1 (United States > Fiji)
Los Angeles, California, USA or Honolulu, Hawaii, USA to Nadi, Fiji
Leg 2 (Fiji > New Zealand) NEL
Nadi to Queenstown, New Zealand
Leg 3 (New Zealand > Australia)
Queenstown to Sydney, Australia
Leg 4 (Australia) Fast Forward
Sydney to Cairns/Great Barrier Reef
Leg 5 (Australia > Japan) Double U-turn
Cairns to Kyoto, Japan
Leg 6 (Japan > Singapore) Fast Forward NEL
Kyoto to Singapore
Leg 7 (Singapore > Turkey)
Singapore to Istanbul, Turkey
Leg 8 (Turkey > South Africa) Fast Forward
Istanbul to Cape Town, South Africa
Leg 9 (South Africa > Brazil) Double U-turn
Cape Town to São Paulo, Brazil
Leg 10 (Brazil > Peru) NEL
São Paulo to Lima, Peru
Leg 11 (Peru)
Lima to Cusco, Peru
Leg 12 (Peru > United States)
Cusco to Orlando, Florida

Season 27 route

Leg 1 (United States > Dominican Republic) NEL
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic
Leg 2 (Dominican Republic > Jamaica)
Punta Cana to Montego Bay, Jamaica
Leg 3 (Jamaica > Belgium) Fast Forward
Montego Bay to Brussels, Belgium
Leg 4 (Belgium > Morocco) Double U-turn
Brussels to Fes, Morocco
Leg 5 (Morocco) Fast Forward
Fes to Marrakesh
Leg 6 (Morocco > Latvia) NEL
Marrakesh to Riga, Latvia
Leg 7 (Latvia > Czech Republic)
Riga to Prague, Czech Republic
Leg 8 (Czech Republic > Hungary) Double U-turn
Prague to Budapest, Hungary
Leg 9 (Hungary > Israel) Fast Forward NEL
Budapest to Tel Aviv, Israel
Leg 10 (Israel)
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem
Leg 11 (Israel > South Korea)
Jerusalem to Seoul, South Korea
Leg 12 (South Korea > United States)
Seoul to Seattle, Washington, USA

An Australian Route again

Leg 1: Australia(Cairns) > Fiji (Suva)
Leg 2: Fiji > USA (Honolulu)
Leg 3: USA (Los Angeles)
Leg 4: USA > Paraguay (Asuncion)
Leg 5: Paraguay > Brazil (Sao Paulo)
Leg 6: Brazil > Botswana (Gabarone)
Leg 7: Botswana (Thamaga)
Leg 8: Botswana > Austria (Vienna) > Slovakia (Bratislava)
Leg 9: Slovakia > Hungary (Gyor)
Lg 10: Hungary > Qatar (Doha)
Lg 11: Qatar (Al Khor)
Lg 12: Qatar > Australia (Darwin)

Leg 1: Australia (Darwin) > Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur)
Leg 2: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur > Perlis) > Thailand (Hai Yai)
Leg 3: Thailand > Nepal (Kathmandu)
Leg 4: Nepal (Lumbini)
Leg 5: Nepal > Madagascar (Antananarivo)
Leg 6: Madagascar
Leg 7: Madagascar > Greece (Athens)
Leg 8: Greece > Italy (Catania)
Leg 9: Italy > Germany (Berlin > Frankfurt)
Lg 10: Germany > Chille (Santiago)
Lg 11: Chille (Curico)
Lg 12: Chille > New Zealand (Auckland)

ZBC Company:
guys need help if anyone could build me family edotion race they going around world just want firendly family countries


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