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Heres my race design, though not fully complete with its details.
I would like them to visit new countries on the race.
Back to 13 Legs with 12 Teams (4 MM, 4FF, 4MF)

1   Colorado -->   Faroe Islands
Places to be visited: Monument Valley(Starting Line); Gásadalur   

2   Faroe Islands--> Iceland   
Places to be visited: Vatnajokull Glacier Cave   

3   Iceland --> Ukraine   
Pitstop: Tunnel of Love, Klevan

4   Ukraine --> Macedonia   
5   Macedonia -->   Ivory Coast

6   Ivory Coast --> Turkey   
Places to be visited:  Pamukkale; Cappadocia   

7   Turkey -->Maldives
 Places to be visited:  Vaadhoo Island
8   Maldives--> Philippines   
Places to be visited:Hinagdanan Cave;Loboc ChurchRuins(during 2013Earthquake)
Pitstop: The Chocolate Hills

9   Phillippines-->   East Timor   
Places to be visited: Atauro Island   
Pitstop: Cristo Rei de Dili Statue

10   East Timor-->   Bolivia   
Places to be visited: Salar de Uyuni   

11   Bolivia-->   Guyana
Pitstop: Mount Roraima

12   Guyana--> Belize   
Places to be visited: The Great Blue Hole
13   Belize-->   California   
Yosemite Valley(Finish Line)

Hi  realityaddict147! Welcome to R.F.F! :welcome:

I like your route!

It's so cool to go to the Philippines then to South America. :hrt:


--- Quote from: Platrium on November 12, 2014, 01:45:44 AM ---It's so cool to go to the Philippines then to South America. :hrt:

--- End quote ---
That would be interesting since I think we've been used to the same US > South America or Europe > South America routes, but I think Philippines > South America would be hard since it'd be a very long trip, probably connecting through either Australia, Japan or even the US I think.

TAR26 Wishlist:

Route [theme] (number of teams, elimination leg or not)
L1: Hawaii, USA --> Philippines [urban leg] (11 teams, EL)
L2: Philippines [rural leg] (10 teams, NEL)
L3: Philippines --> Indonesia [urban & rural leg] (10 teams, EL)
L4: Indonesia --> Australia [urban leg] (9 teams, ZHPS)
L5: Australia --> New Zealand [rural leg] (9 teams, EL)
L6: New Zealand --> Maldives [water leg] (8 teams, EL)
L7: Maldives --> Northern African / Middle Eastern Country [Arabian-esque night leg] (7 teams, EL)
L8: NA/MEC --> Namibia [rural & desert leg] (6 teams, NEL)
L9: Namibia [urban leg] (6 teams, EL)
L10: Namibia --> Peru [Incan leg] (5 teams, EL)
L11: Peru [urban leg] (4 teams, EL)
L12: Peru --> Southern USA (F3, Finale)

Teams, at least 11 of these: (optional description) relationship, age range
1.) (Sweet) Dating Couple, early to late 20's
2.) (Strict) Married Professors, late 40's to early 60's
3.) (Lively) Sibling Adventurers, early 20's to late 30's
4.) (Funny) Hispanic Lesbians, mid 20's to mid 30's
5.) (Bickering) Asian Brothers, early 30's to late 40's
6.) (Whinny) Grandma & Granddaughter, mid 50's to mid 70's & early to late 20's
7.) (Athletic) Father & Son, late 40's to late 50's & mid 20's to late 30's
8.) (Entertaining) Clowns (M/F), mid 20's to mid 40's
9.) (Problematic) Mother & Daughter, late 40's to late 50's & early 20's to late 30's
10.) (Aggressive) Dating (and Divorced) Bike Riders, mid 30's to mid 50's
11.) (Nerdy) Mad Scientists, late 30's to mid 50's
12.) (Witty) African Sisters, late 20's to late 40's
13.) (Optimistic) Dating Hotel Managers, early 30's to mid 40's
14.) (Passionate) Artists (M/M), early 40's to mid 50's
15.) (Analytical) Environmental Researchers, early 20's to late 40's
16.) (Childlike) Dancers (F/F), mid 20's to early 50's
17.) (Dumb) Play Actresses, early 30's to early 50's
18.) (Hardworking) Science Sisters, late 30's to early 50's
19.) (Friendly) Married Farmers, late 40's to early 60's
20.) (Pessimistic) Retired Rivals (Former Politicians), late 60's to early 80's
These are a bit random, :funny: but it's just a wishlist. :)


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