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TAR26!  :hoot:

Leg 1 - Alcatraz Island, San Francisco > Legaspi City, Philippines (Turn Pig or Jig into two Road Blocks and make it harder!)
Leg 2 - Legaspi City > Ilocos Norte, Philippines
Leg 3 - Ilocos Norte > Busan, South Korea
Leg 4 - Busan > Delhi, India (Holi Road Block Switchback!)
Leg 5 - Delhi > Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 6 - Kathmandu > Pokhara, Nepal (2 legs in Nepal!)
Leg 7 - Pokhara > Johannesburg, South Africa
Leg 8 - Johannesburg > Windhoek, Namibia (Recycle TARAu3 leg)
Leg 9 - Windhoek > Athens, Greece
Leg 10 - Athens > Helsinki, Finland
Leg 11 - Helsinki > Reykjavik, Iceland
Leg 12 - Reykjavik > Boston

Heres my race design, though not fully complete with its details.
I would like them to visit new countries on the race.
Back to 13 Legs with 12 Teams (4 MM, 4FF, 4MF)

1   Colorado -->   Faroe Islands
Places to be visited: Monument Valley(Starting Line); Gásadalur   

2   Faroe Islands--> Iceland   
Places to be visited: Vatnajokull Glacier Cave   

3   Iceland --> Ukraine   
Pitstop: Tunnel of Love, Klevan

4   Ukraine --> Macedonia   
5   Macedonia -->   Ivory Coast

6   Ivory Coast --> Turkey   
Places to be visited:  Pamukkale; Cappadocia   

7   Turkey -->Maldives
 Places to be visited:  Vaadhoo Island
8   Maldives--> Philippines   
Places to be visited:Hinagdanan Cave;Loboc ChurchRuins(during 2013Earthquake)
Pitstop: The Chocolate Hills

9   Phillippines-->   East Timor   
Places to be visited: Atauro Island   
Pitstop: Cristo Rei de Dili Statue

10   East Timor-->   Bolivia   
Places to be visited: Salar de Uyuni   

11   Bolivia-->   Guyana
Pitstop: Mount Roraima

12   Guyana--> Belize   
Places to be visited: The Great Blue Hole
13   Belize-->   California   
Yosemite Valley(Finish Line)

Hi  realityaddict147! Welcome to R.F.F! :welcome:

I like your route!

It's so cool to go to the Philippines then to South America. :hrt:


--- Quote from: Platrium on November 12, 2014, 01:45:44 AM ---It's so cool to go to the Philippines then to South America. :hrt:

--- End quote ---
That would be interesting since I think we've been used to the same US > South America or Europe > South America routes, but I think Philippines > South America would be hard since it'd be a very long trip, probably connecting through either Australia, Japan or even the US I think.


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