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I like the idea on laundry moms. :)

I have a similar idea for the Dating Motorcyclists. I imagined both to be at their late 30's and divorced. I also imagine them to be strong.

I miss old team members (old as in 60's or 70's), especially grandparent/grandchild teams. I can imagine a team of grandma and granddaughter teachers, in which grandma is dean while granddaughter is a preschool teacher.

A team of babysitters would be interesting as well. :lol: Imagine them being fun and funny, and fat.


--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on October 29, 2014, 11:24:24 PM ---A cast that doesn't have athletic, celeb jumbos :stirtp:
(Organized by relationship-age-(ethnic background)-personae)

M/F teams:
Brother | Sister - mid 30's - (Caucasian) Brother is recently divorced whereas sister is newly wed; a quite argumentative and contrastful duo in reality, but are sure to have fun as a family bond on the race
Dating - 30-yrs old - (Caucasian & Hispanic) Typical urban "love story" dating team, but both team members have their own quirks and style of humor, respectful and classy
Dating - late 20's - (Caucasian) A guy who is the definition of a frat dirtbag who wants to reform his attitude with a gal who wants him to change for the better and is a TAR super fan
Dating Motorcyclists - late & mid 20's - (Caucasian) Male Harley-Davidson mechanic and female car show model whom come off as b*tchy and conflicted
Married Parents - late 30's - (Afro-American) A merry male off-duty U.S. Air Force pilot racing with his joyful accountant wife, have two children and a pet
Married - mid 40's - (Caucasian) Happily married for 10 years and aren't afraid to say they are overweight and love to dance intricately, plan to work together on the race to shed pounds and win the money to pay off college loans they still sadly have

M/M teams:
Best Friends - 24-yrs old - (Caucasian) Known each other since high school and have been best buddies through hardships, triumphs, and sideways; both love to compete each other on the baseball field
Father | Son - mid 40's & late 20's - (Afro-American & Asian) Married aerospace engineer dad with an adopted son from the Philippines; bond together really well as a family
Tennis Buddies - late 20's - (Brazilian & Caucasian) Despite being tennis amateurs, they are overconfident fellows who just don't give a cent about other people's emotions; no problem slowing or manipulating another team down

F/F teams:
Grandmothers - mid 60's & early 70's - (Afro-American & Caucasian) Lovably comical grandma duo who are fans of TAR, vying for an adventure around the great big world
"Laundry Moms" - early 40's - (Caucasian) A warmhearted pair of traditional Minnesota stay-at-home moms

--- End quote ---

Lol! You have a lot of ideas like me! I'm always praying for Afro-American & Caucasian Grandmothers, Overweight couple, no athletes our models (semi-famous people), hispanic contestants, a pair of mothers, adopted son/daughter... I love your contestants. hahah I will make the same and I will make "my cast". ;)

Another route with countries that have version of The Amazing Race
(this time including  countries of The Amazing Race Latin America)

Leg 1: USA (Miami) -> Norway (Oslo)
Leg 2: Norway -> France (Toulouse)
Leg 3: France (Marseille)
Leg 4: Frace -> Israel (Haifa)
Leg 5: Israel (Tel Aviv)
Leg 6: Israel -> Vietnam (Hanoi)
Leg 7: Vietnam -> Philippines (Caloocan)
Leg 8: Philippines (Manila)
Leg 9: Philippines -> Colombia (Cali)
Leg 10: Colombia (Bogotá)
Leg 11: Colombia -> Mexico (Mérida)
Leg 12: Mexico -> USA (Los Angeles)

Wishlist for CAST..

1. Cab drivers 
2. GrandMA and GrandSon
3. Gay and Lesbian couple
4. Athlete wives (bunny's 2.0)
5. Bandmates (metal) --- Kynt & Vyznt style 2.0
6. Retired Navy with his/her other half, child or best buddy
7. A team from Alaska
8. Dating couple of course -- Asian (m) & Latin (f)
9. Any recent hurricane survivors
10. Any siblings from TAR 8 families
11. Last but not the least Forum Moderators (wonder how we fell if were consciously know that they are spoilers around  :))
Peace out


--- Quote ---11. Last but not the least Forum Moderators (wonder how we fell if were consciously know that they are spoilers around
--- End quote ---

It ends with them finishing like an hour ahead of second and third place spoken from experience


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