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My interpretation of WRP's route planning:

START: Lake Eola, Orlando, Florida
Leg 1: to Santiago, Chile to Mt. Aconagua, Argentina
 (I mean they've done this drive before so there's no problem)

Leg 2: to Mendoza to Iguazu Falls, Argentina
(Let's assume the rainforest related tasks are far better than the most recent example)

Leg 3: to Cologne, Germany to Luxembourg
(What a perfect way to give away some free Honda vehicles, yes?)

Leg 4: to Oslo, Norway
 (Nighttime leg, possibly of the "congratulations now skidoo" variety. Bonus points if there's a reference to Of Montreal)

Leg 5: to Stavanger, Norway
(I NEED a Pit Stop on Pulpit's Rock. Bonus points if there's a wedding task concerning Grieg)

Leg 6: to Paphos, Cyprus
(Brb smacking you in the face with history and bathing suits)

Leg 7: to Tashkent, Uzbekistan
 ( Kazakhstan doesn't want us, Kyrgyzstan only exists on Sporcle and the other countries in that area are either genetic, Really Dangerous [:( at no Tehran leg] or lacking in infrastructure for WRP)

Leg 8: to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
(I do recall good episodes happen here so why not?)

Leg 9: to Da Lat, Vietnam
(and I do recall most trips to Vietnam have a second reasonably good leg so why not have a leg in Paris-litr)

Leg 10: to Uluru, Australia
(Monuments are fun. If anything I envision a leg ending in the evening with stargazing and camping)

Leg 11: to Sydney, Australia
(I know its unoriginal to have the penultimate leg be of the 'party time' variety but I mean Sydney delivers)

 FINISH: Ka'a'awa Valley, Hawaii
(Finish line by a dinosaur footprint? Why not?)

I don't think Uzbek is classified as safe though the route is actually great <3

The lack of a travel advisory or warning makes this good enough for me <3

Otherwise I guess you could have a leg in Bishkek. It would def need a Sporcle-related Fast Forward though.  :yess:

I'd like a route similar to this:

LEG 1 USA to Tokyo, Japan (Japan  :luvya:)
LEG 2 Tokyo to Kyoto (two sides of Japan: modern and ancient)
LEG 3 Kyoto to Siem Reap, Cambodia (a good southeast Asian country)
LEG 4 Siem Reap to Queenstown, New Zealand (WE NEED MORE OCEANIA and New Zealand  :hoot:)
LEG 5 Queenstown to Invercargill/Bluff to Mount Cook Area/ Fox Glacier (yay for NZ and self-driving legs!)
LEG 6 Queenstown to Mumbai/Hyderabad, India (they both have potential but Mumbai has been visited before)
LEG 7 Mumbai/Hyderabad to Johannesburg, South Africa (rural areas outside J-Burg. Mainly used for access to..)
LEG 8 J-Burg to LESOTHO!  :luvya: (Lesotho has a lot of potential tasks could be in Maseru and nearby areas/villages)
LEG 9 Lesotho to Cologne, Germany (Germany is a great country and, while slightly overused, a visit to Cologne would be nice)
LEG 10 Cologne to Bremen (night leg self-drive? Double U-Turn for trouble...)
LEG 11 Bremen to Lisbon, Portugal (I know TAR23 just went there but we need more Portugal! :) )
LEG 12 Lisbon to Boston, Mass., USA (Maybe a Cape Cod finish; there's a beach called Race Point Beach in Cape Cod national seashore that would be fitting for a Finish Line)

A Final Leg in Memphis and Nashville, Tennessee should never be underestimated! :nut:


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