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--- Quote from: Bookworm on December 01, 2013, 08:15:50 AM ---I personally don't see a winner here.... :stare
but that may just be my personal opinion.

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Unless they all somehow befall terrible unforeseen circumstances, if you put x amount of teams into a race you're going to come out with 1 winner, it's a formula we've seen work more than 22 times now...

Unless you're referring to the teams in terms of quality/entertainment, in which case I saw if they were casted once then there must be something about them that could produce great TV.

If you're saying my cast may be unbalanced I would probably agree but that would be a result of using such a formula/caveat to choose teams

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I've looked over your cast again, and I hope that Mark & Bill win! I must have not seen them originally. Sorry

New Route:

Leg 1: Los Angeles to Seoul, South Korea
Leg 2: Seoul to Palembang, Indonesia
Leg 3: Palembang Region, Indonesia
Leg 4: Palembang to Vientiane, Laos
Leg 5: Vientiane to Khon Kaen, Thailand
Leg 6: Khon Kaen to Bangkok to Bloemfontein, South Africa
Leg 7: Bloemfontein to Cape Town
Leg 8: Cape to Zurich, Switzerland to Liechtenstein
Leg 9: Liechtenstein to Switzerland
Leg 10: Switzerland to Bilbao, Spain
Leg 11: Bilbao to Valencia, Spain
Leg 12: Valencia to Boston

New Route for TARLA

Leg 1: Monterrey, Mexico
Leg 2: Monterrey to Guadalajara
Leg 3: Guadalajara to Belize City, Belize
Leg 4: Belize City to Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leg 5: Santo Domingo to San Juan, Puerto Rice, USA
Leg 6: San Juan to Chiclayo, Peru
Leg 7: Chiclayo to Arequipa
Leg 8: Arequipa to Puerto Montt, Chile
Leg 9: Puerto Montt to Cordoba, Argentina
Leg 10: Cordoba to Buenos Aires
Leg 11: Buenos Aires to Curitiba, Brazil
Leg 12: Curitiba to Florianopolis, Brazil

4 Continents, 10 Countries (5 New Countries) and 25,000 Miles (:cmas11)

Leg 1: San Jose, California, United States -> Port Vila, Vanuatu
Leg 2: Port Vila, Vanuatu -> Fukuoka, Japan
Leg 3: Fukuoka, Japan -> Bangalore, India
Leg 4: Hyderabad, India
Leg 5: Hyderabad, India -> Yerevan, Armenia
Leg 6: Yerevan, Armenia -> Kaunas, Lithuania
Leg 7: Kaunas, Lithuania -> Bratislava, Slovakia
Leg 8: Bratislava, Slovakia -> Marseille, France
Leg 9: Lyon, France
Leg 10: Lyon, France -> Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
Leg 11: Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic -> Nassau, The Bahamas
Leg 12: Nassau, The Bahamas -> Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

This is my wishlist for a TAR Norge season:

Leg 1: Tromsų, Norway --> Arkhangelsk, Russia
Leg 2: Arkhangelsk --> St. Petersburg
Leg 3: St. Petersburg --> Beijing, China
Leg 4: Beijing with pit-stop at Great Wall of China
Leg 5: Beijing --> Ulan Bator, Mongolia
Leg 6: Ulan Bator --> Vientiane, Laos
Leg 7: Vientiane --> Luang Prabang
Leg 8: Luang Prabang --> Chennai, India
Leg 9: Chennai --> Mumbai
Leg 10: Mumbai --> Antananarivo, Madagascar
Leg 11: Antananarivo --> Port Elizabeth, South Africa
Leg 12: Port Elizabeth --> Johannesburg/Soweto
Leg 13: Johannesburg --> Kirkenes, Norway


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