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Since they apparently copied a leg from tar asia, I hope next season, if they go to SA, they copy one of the good legs that tarla did

How TAR24's finale Leg supposedly should have been also considering, you guessed it, BUDGET! *-:)

London (London-Heathrow Airport) to Las Vegas, Nevada, United States (McCarran International Airport)
Las Vegas (Luxor Hotel & Cas.)
Las Vegas (Rio Hotel & Cas. - Carnival World Buffet)
Las Vegas (Neon Boneyard)
Las Vegas (The Mirage)
Boulder City (Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon)
Boulder City (Bootleg Canyon) (Finish Line)
Roadblock: One team member must consume one of each food item at the buffet before a busboy hands them their next clue.

Additional tasks
At Luxor Hotel & Casino, teams had to rappel up the side of the hotel with metal ascenders for each teammate to grab one-half of a clue. (Replaces expensively bad "magic" task)
At Neon Boneyard, teams had to collect a lightbulb from a neon sign. (Same misc. task)
Upon climbing onto The Mirage's window-wash swinging stage, teams had to find the socket with the missing bulb among hundreds of lit ones. Then, they must screw in the bulb collected from the Neon Boneyard to receive their next clue. (No "how many TAR24 F3 idiots does it take to count the number of lightbulbs?"/Less time at a pointless task)
At Flightlinez Bootleg Canyon, teams had to ride the zip-line into the canyon. (No mini-controversial skydive)
After the zip-line, teams had to run half a mile to a marked area. Once there, teams must arrange eleven camera pictures of sights on a board, one for each Leg, to receive their final clue. There are 64 other photos in the mix to trick teams. ORDER: Canton Tower, Chen Clan Academy, Kiansom Waterfall, Batu Caves, Gangaramaya Temple, Ambepussa Rest House's treehouse, Piazza di Spagna, Piazza del Duomo, Chapel Bridge, La Alameda - Greek God Statues, and Anfield. (CHEAP, DECENT MEMORY TASK THAT DOESN'T REQUIRE MUCH MONEY!)
The final clue instructs teams to ride/walk a bike along one of three trails during the darkening sky to the Finish Line.


This is only an example and also half an hour of thought process.

That sounds like a MUCH better finale!

sounds awsome

Problem with your leg Rachel is

1. Unless one team has a major meltdown with heights (unlikely!), the zipline task is still linear (even with multiple ziplines)
2. Do you realize that Connor is a professional cyclist (cycles for Team Armstrong and if I remember correctly Dave is ex-pro or semi-pro), and they can out-cycle the other teams??


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