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 :hello2: , and :bigwelcome to RFF, Roif456!

New Route ;):

Leg 1: St. Louis, Missouri, United States -> Montevideo, Uruguay
Leg 2: Montevideo, Uruguay -> Casablanca, Morocco
Leg 3: Rabat, Morocco
Leg 4: Rabat, Morocco -> Milan, Italy
Leg 5: Milan, Italy -> Kiev, Ukraine
Leg 6: Kiev, Ukraine -> Kayseri, Turkey
Leg 7: Cappadocia, Turkey
Leg 8: Kayseri, Turkey -> Male, Maldives
Leg 9: Male, Maldives -> Melbourne, Australia
Leg 10: Brisbane, Australia
Leg 11: Brisbane, Australia -> Suva, Fiji
Leg 12: Suva, Fiji -> Houston, Texas, United States


--- Quote from: SteKay on September 07, 2013, 06:59:54 PM ---The Canary Islands please and/or Cape Verde Islands  :cheer:

--- End quote ---
(and yes, they are from a race I made)

LEG 9 (Germany → Cape Verde)
- Nuremberg (Nuremberg Int’l) to Praia, Cape Verde (Nelson Mandela Int’l)
- Praia (Porto Praia) (Detour)
- Praia (Albuquerque Square) (Roadblock)
- Praia (Municipal Palace) (Pit Stop)

•   Detour- (HMS or SOS) HMS- teams had to search the Port for a replica of the HMS Beagle, which they had to search for Darwin’s journal, which contained their next clue. SOS- teams had to jump off a platform into the Atlantic Ocean and swim to a nearby shipwreck. They then had to load five passengers onto a small nearby raft and paddle to shore, where a passenger would give them their next clue.
•   After the Detour, teams had to transport a 500-pound cannon through the cobblestone streets to the Albuquerque Square, where they would exchange the cannon for their next clue.
•   Roadblock- One team member had to press enough sugarcane to collect 5 gallons of sugarcane juice.

LEG 10 (Cape Verde)
- Praia (Nelson Mandela Int’l - Charters Terminal) to Sal Island (Amílcar Cabral Int’l)
- Pedra de Lume (Salt Flats) (Detour)
- Pedra de Lume (Pedra de Lume Crater) (Double U-Turn)
- Pedra de Lume (Calhetinha Bay) (Speed Bump) (Roadblock)
- Pedra de Lume (Marked Parking Lot)
- Monte Grande (Pit Stop) (Elimination)

•   At the Charters Terminal, teams had to sign up for one of five helicopters to Sal Island, departing five minutes apart.
•   Detour- (Rock or Roll) Rock- teams had to use hammers and chisels to crack open salt rocks to find a race-colored hammer. Teams could then use the hammer to crack open one of the five red-colored rocks, which contained their next clue. Roll- teams had to load baskets with salt. Once they had collected 10 baskets, each with 4 pounds of salt they could load them in a cart and roll them downhill to a worker, who would give them their next clue.
•   Speed Bump- One team had to attach a sail to small boat. Once they completely attached the sail, they could continue racing.
•   Roadblock- One team member had to swim out to a marked buoy, where they would dive down to get a keychain. They would then return to shore, where they would dig in one of five dig sites to unearth a chest. They would use their keys to unlock the chest, which contained their next clue and another keychain.
•   At the Parking Lot, teams had to use the keys they obtained from the chest to drive two ATVs. They had to ride these ATVs to the Pit Stop, Monte Grande.

New Route

Leg 1: United States --> Brazil (Florianopolis)
Leg 2: Brazil (RI & Beachy Detour in Florianopolis, then bus to Brotas)
Leg 3: Brazil --> France (Carnac Stones & Brittany Region)
Leg 4: France --> Netherlands (Rotterdam)
Leg 5: Netherlands --> Slovenia (Ljubljana)
Leg 6 Slovenia --> Croatia (Zagreb)
Leg 7: Croatia --> Sri Lanka (Colombo)
Leg 8: Sri Lanka (Galoya)
Leg 9: Sri Lanka --> Malaysia (Kota Kinabalu & area)
Leg 10: Malaysia (rural, finish at Kudat)
Leg 11: Malaysia --> Taiwan (Kaohsiung)
Leg 12: Taiwan --> United States (San Jose & Silicon Valley)


--- Quote from: Roif456 on November 22, 2013, 12:51:32 AM ---Leg 1: Hollywood Sign, Los Angeles, USA -->  Nassau, Bahamas
Leg 2: Nassau, Bahamas --> Cape Town, South Africa
Leg 3: Cape Town, South Africa --> Dubai, UAE
Leg 4: Dubai, UAE --> Athens, Greece
Leg 5: Athens, Greece --> Vladivostok, Russia
Leg 6: Vladivostok, Russia --> Kobe, Japan
Leg 7: Kobe, Japan --> Jakarta, Indonesia
Leg 8: Jakarta, Indonesia
Leg 9: Jakarta, Indonesia --> Sydney, Australia
Leg 10: Sydney, Australia --> McMurdo Base, Antartica
Leg 11: McMurdo Base, Antartica
Leg 12: McMurdo Base, Antartica --> Guam, USA

Team: I WANT all-female team edition!!!

--- End quote ---
The only problem I see here is: how are teams going to get from McMurdo to Guam? They'd have to spend a week in Antarctica for 2 legs!


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