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--- Quote from: RachelLeVega on October 16, 2013, 11:24:22 PM ---General route

STARTING LINE: Mavericks Beach - San Mateo, CA
Leg 1 (United States --> El Salvador) / San Francisco to San Salvador
• 4 teams allowed on earliest direct Avianca flight; 4 teams allowed on 2nd earliest Avianca flight via L.A., last 3 teams on AmerAir flight via Dallas.
Leg 2 (El Salvador --> Mexico) / flight to Cancún
Leg 3 (Mexico --> Germany) / flight to Dusseldorf, bus to Münster countryside
Leg 4 (Germany --> Czech Republic) / train to Prague
Leg 5 (Czech Republic) / stay in CR, outward of Prague
Leg 6 (Czech Republic --> Russia) / flight to Saint Petersburg
Leg 7 (Russia --> Qatar) / flight to Doha, dhow trading Detour
Leg 8 (Qatar --> Nepal) / flight to Kathmandu
Leg 9 (Nepal --> China) / bus to Lhasa, Tibetan nomad Leg
Leg 10 (China) / flight to Guangzhou
Leg 11 (China --> South Korea) / flight to Busan, hi-speed rail to Yangsan and back
Leg 12 (South Korea --> United States) / flight to Boise, ID
FINISH LINE: Shafer Butte at Bogus Basin - Boise, ID

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they cant do mexico anymore drug lords

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Change Leg 2's flight to Natal, Brazil and it's gold. :)

Eek! I'm new, but I've been reading TAR spoilers since the summer.....

I'd LOVE to see: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts: :hearts:
- Nepal
- Zagreb, Croatia
- Slovenia
- Nuremberg, Germany
- Cusco, Peru :hrt:
- Israel (after everything clears up)
- Egypt (same as Israel)
- Armenia
- Cappadocia, Turkey (possible task: searching for Pit Stop/ clue box in the chimney-houses near Goreme)  :cheer:
- Chengdu, China (more China  (:;) but NEW PLACES)
- Khabarovsk and nearby area, Russia
- Ukraine
- rural Africa (safe areas)

Woah that's enough for a season or two!

Wish Route:

LEG ONE: UNITED STATES --> ARGENTINA (Bariloche; tasks might include gaucho tasks, jetskiing in Lake Nahuel Huapi, and paragliding)
LEG TWO: ARGENTINA (Posadas Region; Mate Plantation, Iguacu Falls :yess:)
LEG THREE: ARGENTINA --> SWEDEN (Kiruna; dog sleds, ice hotel, SNOW!) (W-TURN)
LEG FOUR: SWEDEN --> DENMARK  :hearts: (Copenhagen, then Billund; tasks include selling Danish butter cookies at Tivoli, making a Lego statue in a warehouse in Billund)
LEG FIVE: DENMARK --> SLOVAKIA (Bratislava; tasks include traditional dancing, dog agility courses, and water tasks in Cunovo)
LEG SIX: SLOVAKIA --> UKRAINE (Odessa;  the Filatov Institute for eye/seeing tasks, and Moldavanka. Also, the ODESSA STEPS!)
LEG SEVEN: UKRAINE --> EGYPT (Cairo/Giza; sarcophagus, mummies, hieroglyphics, PYRAMIDS  :hrt:)
LEG EIGHT: EGYPT (Luxor; feluccas, temples, other Ancient Egypt stuff)
LEG NINE: EGYPT --> INDONESIA (Bali; durian tasks, balinese dancing)  :yess:
LEG TEN: INDONESIA (sand search task in Bali beach, then ferry to Lombok) (W-Turn)
LEG ELEVEN: INDONESIA --> CHINA (Guangzhou, F4 stuff, eating gross Chinese food, language barrier, climbing Canton Tower)
LEG TWELVE: CHINA --> UNITED STATES (Oahu; Honolulu and Pearl Harbor tasks, then helicopter off Diamond Head to Kualoa for Final Memory Roadblock and an outrigger race to the FINISH LINE on nearby Mokoli'i!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hrt: :funny: :cheer: :yess:

Kiruna has already been done but you can always do Northern Finland, other than that the route is great.

 :hello2: and :wel2 to RFF, bookworm!


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