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Brian & Mike
Brian Mile, 57
Mike Mile, 25
Father/Son team from Missouri and Indiana. Brian is an lazy and ignorant father of Mike, but he is very kind and mindful. The reason he only performed 1 Roadblock, not because he is lazy, but whining that he is too old to do a physical task. Most tasks that they encounter were physical. Expect Leg 10. They dominated that leg, but losing 1st place to Lauren & Travis due Fast Forward. The other teams were struggled or lost. In final leg, they got best flight to NYC, and almost collided a Aerolineas Argetinas aircraft in runway in JFK airport. They only need less than 2 hours to complete all tasks. And they made to Finish Line and win.

Lauren & Travis
Lauren Konzelman, 33
Travis Konzelman, 36
Typical married couple from Montana. They have 12 children. They spend 30% on race about bickering. They made into final 3, but lost to winners because the plane is crashed to a bay 3 km from Miami en route to finale city, New York City from Caracas, killing most of the passengers, expect Lauren & Travis and their crew. The flight is American Airlines owned. Lauren is very feminist, good, often get confused. While Travis is athletic, bodybuilder, kind, and very smart. He even graduated from an university and once playing for a major sports in Los Angeles for a while. After 1 hours 55 minutes of evacuation and searching for a flight to NYC, they found a flight, Delta Air Lines owned. In NYC, 2 hours were needed to finish all task, and they made into Finish Line.

Vanessa & Alice
Vanessa Sanchez, 27
Alice Sanchez, 23
Sisters from California and Massachusetts.  They are very optimistic, athletic, good, charismatic, lucky, and smart. They made to final 3, but lost to winners because they got stranded in Dominica Republic when their plane is got emergency landing, malfunctioning and delayed for 3 hours. Finally they found other flight less than 3 hours later. These flights are both American Airlines owned. But after in NYC, they get robbed by a group of thiefs in an very less crowded street intersection. The thiefs were found 15 minutes later by police. Their crew were also robbed. They got their goods back. In 2 hours later after they complete all task of final leg, they made to Finish Line, only lost 55 minutes to Lauren & Travis for 2nd place. Vanessa is lucky, smart, good and charismatic tennis player. Alice is athletic, smart, optimistic and lucky part-time maid and part-time sports teacher.


TAR Philippines 2  :hoot:

Leg 1: Rizal Park, Manila Laoag City, Ilocos Norte
Leg 2: Laoag City Tuguegarao, Cagayan
      FAST FORWARD (Can be used anytime until end of Leg 8, except on this 2nd Leg )
Leg 3: Tuguegarao Tabuk City, Kalinga
  -White water rafting tasks/river tasks
Leg 4: Tabuk City Bayombong, Nueva Vizcaya
  -Road Block: At Bangan Hill National Park, teams will use a provided picture to recreate one of the scenes of the Stations of the Cross that is staged here annually, paying attention to every single small detail.
Leg 5: Bayombong Manila Airai, Palau
Leg 6: Airai Jeju Island, South Korea
Leg 7: Jeju Island Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Leg 8: Ho Chi Minh City Hoi an, Vietnam
Leg 9: Hoi An Hong Kong Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 10: Kathmandu Pokhara, Nepal
Leg 11: Pokhara Mumbai, India
Leg 12: Mumbai Singapore
Leg 13: Singapore Iloilo City, Iloilo

Amazing Race Asia,,

Leg 1: Hong Kong, China > USA (Honolulu)
Leg 2: USA > Australia (Brisbane)
Leg 3: Australia (Gold Coast)
Leg 4: Australia > Brunei (Banadar Seri Begawan)
Leg 5: Brunei > Vietnam (Hai Phong)
Leg 6: Vietnam > Laos (Vientiane)
Leg 7: Laos > Maldives (Male)
Leg 8: Maldives (Addu City)
Leg 9: Maldives > India (Goa)
Lg 10: India > Bangladesh (Dhaka)
Lg 11: Bangladesh > China (Hainan)
Lg 12: China (Hong Kong)

Amazing Race Australia & NZ :)

Leg 1: New Zealand (Auckland) > USA (Honolulu)
Leg 2: USA (Maui)
Leg 3: USA > Mexico (Mexico City)
Leg 4: Mexico > Brazil (Rio De Janerio)
Leg 5: Brazil (Rio > Sao Paulo) > Ivory Coast (Abidjan)
Leg 6: Ivory Coast (Abidjan)
Leg 7: Ivory Coast > Spain (Madrid)
Leg 8: Spain > Italy (Milan)
Leg 9: Italy > Oman (Muscat)
Lg 10: Oman > Maldives (Male)
Lg 11: Maldives > Malaysia (Kuching
Lg 12: Malaysia > Australia (Darwin)



Leg 1: Hong Kong, China > Maldvies (Male)
Leg 2: Maldives (Addu City)
Leg 3: Maldives > India (Chennai) > Comoros
Leg 4: Comoros > Tunisa (Tunis)
Leg 5: Tunisa > Croatia (Split)
Leg 6: Croatia >  Bosnia (Sarajevo)
Leg 7: Bosnia > Finland (Helsinki)
Leg 8: Finland > Estonia (Tallin)
Leg 9: Estonia > Russia (Novosibirsk)
Lg 10: Russia (Vladivostok)
Lg 11: Russia > South Korea (Seoul)
Lg 12: South Korea > China (Shenzen


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