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It would get people involved and watching to see if their favourite team could get far :D But could leas to an angry backlash which is common regardless in reality tv shows.

Leg 1: East Rutherford, New Jersey, USA (MetLife Stadium) to Reykjavik, Iceland (Tjörnin)
Leg 2: Reykjavik, Iceland to Marrakesh, Morocco (Bahia Palace)
Leg 3: Marrakesh, Morocco to Tunis, Tunisia (Al-Zaytuna Mosque)
Leg 4: Tunis, Tunisia to Port Elizabeth, South Africa (Fort Frederick)
Leg 5: Port Elizabeth, South Africa to Cape Town, South Africa (Kirstenbosch National Botanical Garden)
Leg 6: Cape Town, South Africa to Zagreb, Croatia (Ban Jelačić Square)
Leg 7: Zagreb, Croatia to Dubrovnik, Croatia (Rector's Palace)
Leg 8: Dubrovnik, Croatia to Novosibirsk, Russia (Alexander Nevsky Cathedral)
Leg 9: Novosibirsk, Russia to Colombo, Sri Lanka (Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Theatre)
Leg 10: Colombo, Sri Lanka to Beijing, China (Shichahai)
Leg 11: Beijing, China to Harbin, China (Jile Temple)
Leg 12: Harbin, China to New Orleans, Louisiana, USA (Jackson Square)

Leg 1: Windwhistle, New Zealand (Terrace Downs) to Christchurch, New Zealand to Singapore (Admiralty Park)
Leg 2: Singapore to Chennai, India (Semmozhi Poonga)
Leg 3: Chennai, India to Bangalore, India (Lal Bagh)
Leg 4: Bangalore, India to Almaty, Kazakhstan (Ascension Cathedral)
Leg 5: Almaty, Kazakhstan to Voronezh, Russia (Annunciation Cathedral)
Leg 6: Voronezh, Russia to Kiev, Ukraine (Golden Gate)
Leg 7: Kiev, Ukraine to Lviv, Ukraine (Lviv National Museum)
Leg 8: Lviv, Ukraine to Amsterdam, Netherlands (ING House)
Leg 9: Amsterdam, Netherlands to Las Vegas, Nevada, USA (Stratosphere Las Vegas)
Leg 10: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA to Montreal, Quebec, Canada (Olympic Stadium)
Leg 11: Montreal, Quebec, Canada to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (English Bay)
Leg 12: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada to Auckland, New Zealand (Mount Eden)

Leg 1 (United States → Dominican Republic)
Leg 2 (Dominican Republic → Panama)
Leg 3 (Panama → Namibia)
Leg 4 (Namibia)
Leg 5 (Namibia → Luxembourg)
Leg 6 (Luxembourg → Albania)
Leg 7 (Albania → Bosnia and Herzegovina)
Leg 8 (Bosnia and Herzegovina → Kyrgyzstan)
Leg 9 (Kyrgyzstan → Kazakhstan)
Leg 10 (Kazakhstan → Australia)
Leg 11 (Australia)
Leg 12 (Australia → United States)

Leg 1: Oahu, Hawaii (US) -> Quebec ,Canada.
Leg 2: Canada -> Reykjavík, Iceland.
Leg 3: Iceland -> Tenerife (Canary Islands), Spain.
Leg 4: Spain -> Madrid, Spain.
Leg 5: Spain -> Nabeul, Tunisia.
Leg 6: Tunisia -> Tallinn, Estonia.
Leg 7: Estonia -> Kazan, Russia.
Leg 8: Russia -> Hong Kong, Hong Kong.
Leg 9: Hong Kong -> Brisbane, Australia. (Coral Reef)
Leg 10: Australia -> Tasmania, Australia.
Leg 11: Australia -> Iquitos, Perú. (Amazone River)
Leg 12: Perú -> Jackson (Wyoming), US. (Yellowstone National Park)


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