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Another Lyn and Karlyn please lol

I love night Legs.  Seeing the teams run around in the dark is awesome.  The Kafka Road Block was a great use of the nighttime setting.  And in TARAu, they had a good Leg where they had a Road Block in some underground tunnels at night (Turkey I think?).

But how about a night Leg where it's actually light out? What are some possible "Land of the Midnight Sun" destinations could they Race to?

Yes, please more night legs!!! And the 12 hours rest period in EVERY LEG

Don't like the bandwagon rumour of Amanda/McCrae team for the next Season, which puzzles me as we all think it may be All-Stars.
Maybe just some journalistic thrash.

Normal people make the best TAR teams, (Kelly & Jon, Charla & Mirna, Flo & Zach, just to name a few)
But not all semi-famous people make boring TAR teams, Vanessa & Celina, for example.
Also I didn't find Caroline & Jennifer that generic typical blondes, they were quite entertaining!
"BEVERLY HILLS HAS JUST LEFT THE BUILDING!" And that flying squirrel thing was lol :lol:
But I mostly agree with you guys - more 'normal people' TAR teams please! :hrt:


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