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--- Quote from: Loken on September 12, 2013, 09:08:29 AM ---I Think TAR should update all the route markers / clues and design of the clues and clueboxes after TAR 25 to make it more modern looking and not use the same old design. like how they changed the uturn boards digital

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I don't like how they made the Double U-Turn boards touch screen. In its debut in Malawi, you could only see the dark screen and barely see the U-Turn victim and perpetrator's picture. Same thing happened in TAR20 Tanzania. The TAR12-18 board is a lot more prettier in my opinion and it creates more of a sense of "You're our biggest competition" with a physical picture posted onto the space. You could even write special messages with Sharpie on pictures like, "Sorry, we can't outrun you!!!" :lol:

Was it Caite that defaced Carol/Brandi's photo or the other way around?  :funny:

Yeah, I agree. The old U-Turn board is minimalist, but had more race feeling than the current board

maybe keep the yellow and red but the clue envelopes route info roadblock info detour info and whatnot
should update? also i agree with the u turn board being not digital .

As they say, if it's not broken, don't fix it. However I agree on the Uturn board!
I would love if they altered between the Uturn and a yield. A double yield sounds pretty cool!


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