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--- Quote from: Little Victory on August 08, 2013, 05:08:30 AM ---I'm not sure if true but I heard that season 25 is gonna be Unfinished Business with teams from season 19-24?!?

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That is not necessarily true. It is possible, but not certain. :)

It's 24 they do another Unfinished Business then I'd assume at least 2 teams from each season from 19-23

I'd tend to go for 25 as well, just cos of the significance of that number :P


Leg 1: USA (New Orleans) -> Guatemala (Guatemala City) (Pit Stop: Torre del Reformador)
Leg 2: Guatemala -> Nicaragua (Managua) (Pit Stop: Chocoyero Natural Reserve)
Leg 3: Nicaragua -> England, UK (London/Latchmere) (Pit Stop: Richmond Park)
Leg 4: England, UK -> Scotland, UK (Edinburgh/St Andrews) (Pit Stop: The Old Course Hotel)
Leg 5: Scotland, UK -> Austria (Salzburg) (Pit Stop: Mirabell Palace)
Leg 6: Austria -> Madagascar (Antananarivo) (Pit Stop: Analekely Market)
Leg 7: Madagascar (Antananarivo) (Pit Stop: Queens Palace)
Leg 8: Madagascar -> Maldives (Malé) (Pit Stop: Hulhulé Island)
Leg 9: Maldives -> India (Jaipur) (Pit Stop: Jantar Mantar)
Leg 10: India (Kolkata) (Pit Stop: Dakshineswar Kali Temple)
Leg 11: India -> Vietnam (Da Nang) (Pit Stop: Mỹ Sơn)
Leg 12: Vietnam -> USA (Des Moines) (Finish Line: Terrace Hill/Jordan House) (either or)


--- Quote from: MrDS on August 10, 2013, 03:32:07 PM ---Leg 12: Vietnam -> USA (Des Moines) (Finish Line: Terrace Hill/Jordan House) (either or)

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Going to Iowa! :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt: :hrt:

This is mine:

Leg 1: Washington DC, USA => Osaka, Japan
Leg 2: Osaka, Japan => Vladivostok, Russia
Leg 3: Vladivostok, Russia => Tomsk, Russia
Leg 4: Tomsk, Russia => The Hague, Netherlands
Leg 5: The Hague, Netherlands => Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Leg 6: Luxembourg, Luxembourg => Frankfurt, Germany
Leg 7: Frankfurt, Germany => Algiers, Algeria
Leg 8: Algiers, Algeria => Constantine, Algeria
Leg 9: Constantine, Algeria => Maseru, Lesotho
Leg 10: Maseru, Lesotho => Brasilia, Brazil
Leg 11: Brasilia, Brazil => Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Leg 12: Rio De Janeiro => Orlando, USA


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