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--- Quote from: WinTar on September 04, 2013, 05:35:53 AM ---More like Shane Dawson & Joey Graceffa! :lol:

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First, remember how much blame and hate TAR got when Michael & Kevin were eliminated in Russia? Imagine that times 10 because two well-renowned YouTubers on the race would murder the ratings and it would not be a good start for the following season

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Shane Dawson & Lisa Schwartz then :P People would still know who Shane is and thus conversely would know his girlfriend, without the ratings becoming too absurd

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Ratings were still good after Joey/Meghan got eliminated though. I had never heard of Kevin before.
Can we have another Sue/Teresa with their magic spray?  :funny: Loved those guys so much.

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Well, on Facebook, a lot of dislike was circulating around Joey being annoying along with hyperactiveness and turned many adults off watching him that season. I think thay may be why ratings weren't affected as much.

We need another psychadelic-style team like Anita & Arthur, but one who can actually has the ability to be quicker.


--- Quote from: SteKay on September 04, 2013, 05:30:31 AM ----A team of zookeepers would be cool.

-A female footballing duo.

-Mother and adopted child.

-Eccentric gamer & father/or gaming friend (Someone like Ken from Survivor)

-Married team over age of 60.

-Forgotten "celebrity" looking to rekindle their career & sibling.

-Cross country lorry drivers or shippers.

-Dating duo in early 20's working in a fast food chain.

-Elderly all female team of African/American descent.

-YouTube team of Shane Dawson & GloZell Green (PLEASE)

-Super nerdy team, maybe national math league winners etc.


-Out of shape fathers/bestfriends.

-Male/Female team of punk rockers (tattoos,piercings & wild hair, mohawk etc).

-Tattoo artists, semi famous.

Just a few of probably unrealistic teams but I thought I'd share a few :)  :-[

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- Zookeepers? How about some veterinarians. No offense, but zookeepers tend to have no personality whatsoever. :( Personal references

- Female footballing (soccer) duo, wouldn't that be Kami & Karli?

- Gamers, weren't Mark & Bill gamers? ???

- Married over age of 60 - Meredith & Gretchen :<3

- Team Nerd - Gary & Dave from TAR2

- Goths - Kynt/Kent & Vyxsin

- Out of shape guys- Matt & Daniel recently, Mark & Bill also falls in this category

- Punk rockers - Nick & Vicki :snics:

We need some more of them though  :funny:

I was going to say vets but thought that people would complain that because of their wealth they don't deserve to be on the race like peiple are saying on the FB page  :(


--- Quote from: SteKay on September 04, 2013, 06:21:28 PM ---We need some more of them though  :funny:

I was going to say vets but thought that people would complain that because of their wealth they don't deserve to be on the race like peiple are saying on the FB page  :(

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We defintely need to see how another mother and adoptee would work together. Andie & Jenna are still one of my favorites from TAR17. :)

As for FB, it's one of the things I hate about Facebook pages. Those comments were absurd. Just because you are a vet, or any M.D. doesn't mean you should be banned from applying on The Amazing Race. They too can't travel to 8 countries in one sitting. They certainly have many patients to help and can rarely take time off even to spend family time at a beach, skiing, or any fun recreational activity. It is foolish to... not belittle, but put down everyday doctors who help SAVE LIVES. :groan: Sometimes I wish Facebook did not create a system for liking pages.

I don't think people really complain so much about people not deserving to run the race due to financial reasons - certainly not Nat and Kat or Tammy and Victor or Rob and Brennan or Chip and Kim, the latter of whom were fairly clearly well-off. Since TAR has an objective victory condition (finish the last leg first) then it doesn't matter why you've run the race or how someone else feels about it since there's not a lot that anyone can do about it.

I feel like vets would be nice. Perhaps farmers if they raise animals (this would be a good spot for a parent/child or other familial team) as well.

A route? Sure:

Leg 1: New York, New York to Fish River Canyon, Namibia (Pit Stop: Fish River Lodge)
Leg 2: Fish River Canyon to Swakopmund, Namibia (PS: Swakopmund Prison)
Leg 3: Namibia to Luanda, Angola (PS: Agostinho Neto Mausoleum)
Leg 4: Angola to County Kent, England (PS: Cliffs of Dover)
Leg 5: England to Cardiff, Wales (PS: Cardiff Castle)
Leg 6: Wales to Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina (PS: Latin Bridge)
Leg 7: Bosnia and Herzegovina to Venice, Italy to San Marino (PS: Palazzo Publico)
Leg 8: San Marino to Kathmandu Valley, Nepal (PS: Kailashnath Mahadev Statue)
Leg 9: Kathmandu to Khumjung, Nepal (PS: Everest View Hotel)
Leg 10: Nepal to Kratie, Cambodia (PS: Phnom Sombok)
Leg 11: Cambodia to Singapore (PS: Esplanade Theatre)
Leg 12: Singapore to Houston, Texas (Finish Line: Miller Outdoor Theatre)


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