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--- Quote from: Platrium on March 07, 2014, 07:11:09 AM ---I wanna see a different kind of u-turn: the u-turn roulette (a wheel with some or all the remaining teams' pictures)
The 1st team to reach the u-turn roulette must spin the roulette. They can also u-turn themselves, since it's a roulette. Maybe voting at the start of the leg would do to.

I don't know if this would be nice or not on the real TAR, so I didn't post this on the "Changes Viewers Like to See" thread.

--- End quote ---

They had the voting in Season 2 of the Australian version, and I wouldn't be a big fan of it.
Not really sure why? It would work in that it could slow down stronger teams E.g. Andy & Tommy or Dave & Rachel, but I just don't like the whole idea of the teams voting.  It relates it too much to Survivor or Big Brother, and that's the one thing that separates the race from other reality shows, so I'd prefer not to see a voting U-Turn.

As for the roulette wheel, again I think it's one of those ideas that looks good on paper, but wouldn't really work in reality.  I don't think many teams would use it knowing there's a risk of U-Turning themselves, and for teams at the back it would just be a game of luck for them, to hope it lands on the one or two teams that may be trailing them.  I think this concept would only work for the first or second team that arrives at it.

Honestly, I think the U-Turn is fine as it is and any change would only hinder the concept.  ???

I dislike the U-Turn roulette, I agree that it would not be used, and that there is already too much luck in the race as it is.

But I do like the idea of the voting U-Turn and how it can cause drama and it adds another element to the game which is great to see.

The voting kind of defeats the whole purpose of the U-turn and like people have been saying, makes it more like Survivor or Big Brother. But more importantly, the whole point of the U-turn is that it's a reward for the team that gets there first, just like everything is on TAR. If everyone votes ahead of time to get rid of the team that's in first, it kind of defeats the purpose.

How about attach the Go-Pro onto teams? And switch back and from regular camera to Go-Pro? :)

I want Joey & Meghan back on the Race! Too much to ask? :funny: :funny:


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