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--- Quote from: Loken on June 18, 2013, 09:08:35 AM ---^ also i dont think theyre going to bring back the intersection???
also how would intersection work? work together in a detour??

--- End quote ---

Uhm, I'm pretty certain TAR10 and TAR11 both had Intersection Detours, but I highly doubt an Intersected U-Turn would work, as you would need to know what the Intersected teams were, and for those teams that are already Intersected and off to do their Detour task then it would be unfair on them; similarly with teams that are behind that would not know who the Intersected teams are

Nevertheless, I still love the Intersection and hope it makes its grand return soon <3


--- Quote from: MrDS on June 18, 2013, 10:34:36 AM ---Nevertheless, I still love the Intersection and hope it makes its grand return soon <3

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They need to bring back Phil's Diary or the Elimination Station on the CBS website. And if they do show the ES again, please make "paradise isle" in St. Croix or the Philippines. These islands are always underestimated. :'(

Leg 1: New York, U.S.A. to Recife, Brazil (EL- 12th)
Leg 2: Recife to Brasilia, Brazil (EL- 11th)
Leg 3: Brasilia, Brazil to Cape Town, South Africa (moving pit stop to Port Elizabeth) (EL- 10th)
Leg 4: Port Elizabeth, South Africa to Maseru, Lesotho (KRL- 9th)
Leg 5: Rural Lesotho (EL- 9th)
Leg 6: Maseru, Lesotho to Rome, Italy (Vatican City) via Johannesburg, South Africa (EL- 8th)
Leg 7: Rome to Naples/Capri, Italy (EL- 7th)
Leg 8: Naples, Italy to Sofia, Bulgaria (NEL- 6th)
Leg 9: Sofia, Bulgaria to Bangalore, India (EL- 6th)
Leg 10: Bangalore, India to Busan, South Korea (EL- 5th)
Leg 11: Busan, South Korea to Melbourne, Australia (NEL- 4th)
Leg 12: Melbourne to Hobart, Tasmania, Australia (EL- 4th)
Leg 13: Hobart, Australia to Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. (Finale)

New Countries: Lesotho, Vatican City (no actual visit in S1), Bulgaria

Amazing Race Asia 5
This would sorta be a budget friendly race for the producers?
bold means double roadblock double detour , underline means NEL

Leg 1: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia > Hong Kong 
Leg 1: Hong Kong          
Leg 3: Hong Kong > Macau      <- 3 Legs in China? Wow.
Leg 4: Macau > Han Noi, Vietnam
Leg 4: Vietnam > Vientiane, Laos
Leg 5: Laos > Thimphu, Bhutan
Leg 6: Bhutan > Kathmandu, Nepal
Leg 7: Nepal (Pokhara)
Leg 8: Nepal > Agra, India
Leg 9: India > Athens, Greece
Lg 10: Greece > Amman, Jordan
Lg 11: Jordan
Lg 12: Jordan > Seeb, Oman
Lg 13: Oman > Kandy, Sri Lanka > Johor Bahru, Malaysia > Singapore

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