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We need another Meredith & Gretchen or Fran & Barry ASAP  :jam:

I always want a team that consists of teacher/student, but I don't even know that's legal :lol:

-A team of zookeepers would be cool.

-A female footballing duo.

-Mother and adopted child.

-Eccentric gamer & father/or gaming friend (Someone like Ken from Survivor)

-Married team over age of 60.

-Forgotten "celebrity" looking to rekindle their career & sibling.

-Cross country lorry drivers or shippers.

-Dating duo in early 20's working in a fast food chain.

-Elderly all female team of African/American descent.

-YouTube team of Shane Dawson & GloZell Green (PLEASE)

-Super nerdy team, maybe national math league winners etc.


-Out of shape fathers/bestfriends.

-Male/Female team of punk rockers (tattoos,piercings & wild hair, mohawk etc).

-Tattoo artists, semi famous.

Just a few of probably unrealistic teams but I thought I'd share a few :)  :-[

More like Shane Dawson & Joey Graceffa! :lol:

I would if he hadn't already raced  :funny: He's gained like 1.5 million subscribers since TAR :O

GloZell green is very funny though I can just imagine them on the race lol


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