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TAR Wishlist - locations, routes, twists, teams, tasks and prophetic dreams!

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I think the prophetic dream part was because of me. :funny:

Like the route!

Havent done a route for awhile
over imagination! i think its too long but look at season 9 :)

Leg 1: Buffalo, USA > Toronto, Canada (via Niagara Falls) > Whitehorse, Canada
Leg 2: Canada (Whitehorse)
Leg 3: Canada > Novosibirsk, Russia
Leg 4: Russia > Urumqi, China
Leg 5: China (Lhasa)
Leg 6: China > Kathmandu, Nepal > Pokhara, Nepal
Leg 7: Nepal > Dar es Salaam, Tanzania
Leg 8: Tanzania > Maputo, Mozambique
Leg 9: Mozambique > Tirana, Albania
Lg 10: Albania > Geneva, Switzerland
Lg 11: Switzerland > Caracas, Venezuela
Lg 12: Venezuela > Miami, USA

Casting wishes:
I love it when TAR casts normal, everyday-looking people onto the race. These people like you and I may never get a chance to even go out of state let alone country so I want some dynamic duos like them to strive to win. Not interested in seeing successful musicians and wealthy Real Housewive-Kim Kardashian-style cable crap models who end up prissy, annoying, or having zero personality on the race (excluding Dustin & Kandice since they had huge personalities towards racers in TAR10 & A-S).

M/F teams:
Stepmom/Stepson- (40 & 20-ish yrs. old) From a stepson's tragedy in his infanthood, the stepmom had to take care of the young child and fill him in on what happened. The two must be polar opposite personalities from each other and have a great bond between each other despite sometimes disagreeing.

Married Teachers- (35 & 30-ish yrs. old) I think married teachers would work well together if they both taught different subjects such as the male is a history teacher/sports coach and the female is a geography teacher at a different school. They would bring mental knowledge and physical skills to the table in order to win the race.

M/M team:
Single Dads- (40 & 35-ish yrs. old) We've seen single moms like the Lyns from TAR10, but how about casting single FATHERS? They must be a little out of shape to get with the program, and love their kids like Bopper & Mark to have that drive to compete. This would be a team people would love to root for.

F/F teams:
Mother/Daughter- (50 & 20-ish yrs. old) An overprotective mother and wanting to be free daughter would make a perfect team for TAR. The mom must be too organized and efficient that they force each other to wear beach towels around their pants to prepare for any water task :lol: and wear layers of sweaters in hot climates in case it surprisingly turns chilly all of a sudden. :funny: While the daughter tries to nake herself freer, the mom must deal with issues only she can resolve like being a backpack hoarder, packing 10 lbs. of clothes, first aid, flashlights, and other teams' mocking of them.

Grandmothers- (70-ish yrs. old) I still want another Gutsy Grannies team with much experience in sitting at the couch being big fans of TAR! :hoot: Of course, they'll need a personality in loving to try new stuff, even daring.

We need another Meredith & Gretchen or Fran & Barry ASAP  :jam:


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