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Another Hong Kong Leg:

- Hong Kong International Airport <Route Info>
- Hong Kong Disney Land <Route Info>
- Victoria Peak <Route Info> ( Search the Victoria Harbor skyline and find the yellow and red route marker)
- IFC Tower <Detour>  <U-Turn>
- I.C.C Tower <Sky 101> <Roadblock>
- Tin Shui Wai Park <Route Info>
- Yuen Long Jockey Club Town Square < Pitstop >

----Another TAR Route

Leg 1: USA, Sanfrancisco>Canada, Ottowa
Leg 2: Canada, Ottowa > Peru, Arequila
Leg 3: Peru, Arequila > Argentina, Ushuaia
Leg 4: Argentina, Ushuaia > South Africa, Cape Town
Leg 5: South Africa, Cape Town
Leg 6: South Africa, Cape Town > U.A.E, Dubai
Leg 7: U.A.E, Dubai > Oman, Muscat
Leg 8: Oman, Muscat > India, Lucknow
Leg 9: India, Lucknow > Nepal, Kathmandu  -double leg
Leg 9: Nepal, Kathmandu > Nepal Pokhara   -double leg
Lg 10 : Nepal Pokhara > Nepal Kathmandu > Hong Kong > Macau
Lg 11: Macau > Hong Kong > Shanghai , China
Lg 12: Shanghai, China > Hokkaido Japan
Lg 13: Hokkaido Japan > Seoul, South Korea > Kaesong , North Korea > Chungnam, South Korea
Lg 13: Chungnam South Korea > Mexico Chihuahua > Florida Miami , USA

Route Map(Horrible Editing!):

 :hello2: another route! this is fun!

Leg 1: New York, US > Madrid, Spain
Leg 2: Madrid, Spain > Naples, Italy
Leg 3: Naples, Italy > Athens, Greece > Cairo Egypt
Leg 4: Cairo Egypt > Accra, Ghana > Bamako, Mali > Fes, Morocco
Leg 5: Fes, Morocco > Le Havre France > Southampton, UK > Cambridge, UK
Leg 6: Cambridge, UK > London, UK > Tehran, Iran
Leg 7: Tehran, Iran > Gorakhpur India > Butwal, Nepal
Leg 8: Butwal, Nepal > Kathmandu, Nepal -double
Leg 8: Kathmandu, Nepal > Ha Noio, Vietnam -double
Leg 9: Ha Noio, Vietnam > Hong Kong SAR > Macau SAR
Lg 10: Macau SAR > Hong Kong SAR > Lae, Papua New Guinea > Brisbane, Australia
Lg 11: Brisbane, Australia > Christchurch, New Zealand
Lg 11: Christchurch, New Zealand > Lima, Peru > Kingston, Jamaica
Lg 12: Kingston, Jamaica > Toronto, Canada > New York , US
Lg 12: New York, US > New Jersey, US


I've always thought it would be neat if two different race productions (One American race, and one international race) planned their routes to that they were both in the same city at the same time. Then, their routes would coincide with an Intersection, where one team from each race would have to pair up together. Then you'd have a team of four, made up of two Americans and two from the International version, completing a task together.

I think it would be especially interesting if it were a non-English speaking race that teamed up with them, such as the Israeli or Norwegian race.

This route is more of a prediction for TAR 23 than a complete wishlist. With that said,  wouldn't be surprised if some of these locations/countries show up in the next TAR. Would be pretty happy with this route as well.

1. Los Angeles (USA) Lima (Peru)
2. Lima (Peru) Natal (Brazil)
3. Natal (Brazil) Brasilia (Brazil)
4. Brasilia (Brazil) Lisbon (Portugal)
5. Lisbon (Portugal) Van (Turkey)
6. Van (Turkey) Antalya (Turkey)
7. Antalya (Turkey) Helsinki (Finland)
8. Helsinki (Finland) Kuching (Malaysia)
9. Kuching (Malaysia) Singapore (Singapore)
10. Singapore (Singapore) Laguna Province (Philippines)
11. Laguna Province (Philippines) Manila (Philippines)
12. Manila (Philippines) Detroit (USA)

^ That's a nice route, but I feel that the race should aaaalways strive to go to at least one new nation.


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